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I find it amazing how people will accept one argument for "their side" but not accept it for "the other side".

It's kind of like how someone pointed out recently that if you believe that (for example) that the idea of a prison is bad, then you can't say "George W. Bush should be sent to prison for war crimes". You can't have both.

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What if tech tried to be healing instead of just addictive?
- by Rohan Gunatillake

'...It is ridiculous that we blame young people for being addicted to their phones and apps when the simple truth is that they are designed to be addictive. It is time to apportion responsibility where it is due.

[....] It is easy to throw our hands in the air, declaring that this is simply how technology works, but that’s not correct. The reason that so much tech doesn’t support wellbeing is because wellbeing was not a consideration in its design. To solve the problem, companies have to make it a design condition that’s measured and optimised.

Whether you are a giant global platform or a hip new startup, the most important first step is to give a damn...'

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"[people are beggining to realize] there’s something fundamentally flawed about a system that has a prime directive to churn nature and humans into capital, and do it more and more each year, regardless of the costs to human well-being and to the environment we depend on"

Are you ready to consider that capitalism is the real problem?

(credits to @risabee for sharing this first)

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hey i've wanted to start a marxist magazine on medium thats better than jacobin so pls rt this and @ me if u want to join it, i feel like expanding marxist content on other social media sites is a good way to radicalize more people and if u want to join i'd just put you in a group chat on twitter and we'd decide stuff but yea if ur a leftist please rt so others see, also i feel like it'd be an easier accessible way to see the application of marxist politics from a variety of perspectives (1/2)

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I'm all "oh shit, I can build more of these".

Cut scene to a week later where our living room is just cabinets after cabinets after cabinets.

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I know it's pretty silly and minor but building your own cabinet feels super empowering.

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Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality on Wednesday

Many sites participating

John Oliver -


Verizon and Comcast are the largest opponents of Net Neutrality. You're funding the lawyers causing us problems if you're a customer

My spouse: "yeah if both The Rock and Mark Zuckerberg are running for president I'm definitely with The Rock"

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Self-promotion time :/ doing this makes me feel awk, buttttttt:

I coedited this anthology of solarpunk and hopeful environmental science fiction, and we're doing a Goodreads giveaway. It'd mean the world to me if you checked it out 😊

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The very interesting thing behind is that it's a social network built for low-latency and very unstable networks. The main developer is mostly off-the-grid most of the time, syncing messages and code whenever he goes to the library. Here is his post on how to survive as a web dev in his situation:

Instagram right now: someone sharing a picture of their city being flooded by abnormal monsoons while the next person shows a picture of themselves lying on a beach.

Here's a good perspective set on cross-atlantic flight:

"Every round-trip ticket on flights from New York to London, keep in mind, costs the Arctic three more square meters of ice."

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#Patriarchy and the #Weather

Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes because people don’t respect them, study finds

– '...To test the hypothesis the gender of the storm names impacts people’s judgments about a storm, the researchers set up 6 experiments presenting a series of questions to between 100 to 346 people. The sexism showed up again.

Respondents predicted male hurricanes to be more intense the female hurricanes in one exercise. In another exercise, the hurricane sex affected how respondents said they would prepare for a hurricane.

“People imagining a ‘female’ hurricane were not as willing to seek shelter,” Shavitt said. “The stereotypes that underlie these judgments are subtle and not necessarily hostile toward women – they may involve viewing women as warmer and less aggressive than men.”...'

climate change 

At what point does the willful pretense that climate change is made up by the world's elites start becoming genocide?

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It's kind of amazing how often I wish for Ruby on Rails or Django features in projects that don't use those frameworks.

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