I do it infrequently enough that I still find it immensely pleasing that I can review and annotate a PDF which is stored in Notes on my iPad using an Apple Pencil and it syncs back to my Mac pretty much instantly.

@simonw I really need to get an iPad Pro and a Pencil. There are other disaster recovery priorities before then due to the flooding last month but it’s on my list. Considering selling the 2014 MBP for it, using remote desktop to access my Mac and Xcode for review trips to DC.

@joshuanozzi Sorry to hear you got flooded. That slipped under my radar.

I tend to mainly use my iPad for consumption (watching videos, streaming TV, social media, etc.) but I'm slowly using it for more things like community project meeting notes. I think I'll always have a laptop and/or desktop for coding however, even it Xcode does get released for iOS (which I really doubt).

@simonw It’s fine; I’ve been avoiding Twitter for months now. 😋

I only ever use the laptop for business travel, which happens only several times a year. My big-ass Hackintosh is my primary workstation and has held up quite well against even new Apple hardware performance. Turning on remote access during my trips would give me my same environment and speed, only suffering screen lag. It’s a thought anyway.

@joshuanozzi It’s not a bad thought. 😃

I suppose it’s not a million miles from having a modern equivalent of a mainframe.

@simonw ALL my thoughts are bad, Simon. Even my good ideas come with evil intent. 😈

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