I'm in a weird position at the moment where the bulk of my daily freelance work for the last two and a half years is still in stealth mode.

It's interesting how quickly you can fade out and become irrelevant when you don't have constant stream of output or decide to cool off on the acerbic Twitter posts.

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@GunnarG Even slower, since this job is supposedly shipping in a month! But after I will actually have some free full-time days to stop picking at it and ship the update.

I made the mistake a few months ago of diving into the lava system to redo it and make it way more performant and gameplay changing, but it's caused 100 maths heavy loose ends that my post-covid fatigue brain fog just can't focus on.

@GunnarG I've been planning on going down to 3 or 4 days freelance for 2 years now. I keep saying it, but I also keep needing more money for a house deposit. :blobsweats:

@simoroth of course, make sure you can keep a proper healthy living style and with proper housing. Which I assume is way more expensive than in Belgium.

We can wait for that update.

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