Given the huge amount of material renewables require for their construction and given that the extraction of most of these materials will happen mainly in the Global South, I suggest to think about renewables also as a form of modern Eco-Colonialism by the Global North.


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Let me explain: In order for solar & wind utilities to cover 14 TW worldwide, their production would require about 34 million tons of copper, 40 million tons of lead, 50 million tons of zinc, 162 million tons of aluminium, about 5 billion tons of iron, not to mention all ...


... the lithium and cobalt for the battery technology necessary. Most of these resources are extracted in the Global South. So to have renewable energy and green tech in the Global North it seems one would have serious environmental disasters in the Global South.


So how can one advocate for the worldwide switch to renewables and at the same time ignore the environmental, health and human hazzard that would create? Again, environmentalism appears to be a fad of the white western middle class, at the expense of everybody else.


(Perhaps this is also another argument in favour of nuclear power: It won't create such hazzards in the Global South and the environmental costs would stay in the Global North. Nuclear would thus be an energy source without the stench of Eco-Colonialism.)


(I hope people understand that this is a thought experiment, not the declaration of some ready-made convictions. The numbers are taken from Jason Hickel, "Less is More" (2020), p. 139.)

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