Have you seen Lindswell Lindswell's Wushu performance from 2018? Her movements strike me with awe!

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@simsa02 Awe-inspiring definitely... I could watch tai chi vids all day 🙂 I love that a good form moves from the power of "strong" yang to "supporting" yin in a breath. Given the power of water, how would one wield it?

« Given the power of water, how would one wield it? »

Isn't that the $60,000 question? :-)

From an external standpoint (one not involving "energy") it seems that much lies in the softness and openness of the joints. Compare Lindwswell will Agatha Wong and it's apparent why Lindswell is so good.

@simsa02 How weird, it was Wong's video I watched yesterday, so I'm slightly confused. Interesting to compare though. That last section of Wong's form is just amazing though.

@simsa02 "softness and openness of the joints" is key - or rather, the joints are the points at which _muscular_ blocks occur, like kinks in a hosepipe.

When I compare Lindswell with Wong I recognise the softness and agility of the joints in her that I find a bit missing in Wong. Difficult to say whether that's a result of training or a natural disposition.

What you describe as "points at which _muscular_ blocks occur" makes a lot of sense to me. I used to see blocked joints and blocked muscles as different things but my practice confirms more and more that opening the joints creates a relaxation of the muscles. Very intersting.

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