Thank you. I raised the issue with the admin of gs.net, and @ z responded that there are no restrictions re federation between your instance and mine. So with that out of the way, I hope @ admin of gs.net can shed some light on it (perhaps the webfingers thing again that plagues my account from time to time). But if he doesn't have any new idea, we'll have to put up with it.

Back from work.

Perhaps you ask the admin of weirder.earth whether his instance has any restrictions on federating between mutual subscribers of weirder.earther and gnusoscial.net, that is, whether weirder.earth does not allow unrestricted federation with gs.net. Perhaps he can make an exception or lift these restrictions so they exist. Tell me if it also helps if I ask him that (as stranger from a different instance).

Yes, it seems it's a weirder.earth thing. Nothing I can do. That means that our conversations will be pretty much restricted. Pity.

@woodbark Need to go to work now, will hae another look into it tonight. Cheers.

So you neither got my reply gnusocial.net/conversation/594 not the one mentioned in it? That would mean that I can read you but we won't have conversations. That's awful.

@woodbark Am I wrong or do you seem to not receive my @-post and replies from my account on gs.net to you? Could you have a brief look to confirm? It's totally ok to tell me, yes, you got them all all, and, yes, you didn't feel like replying. I just want to see whether our accounts federate properly. Thx.

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The whole digital infrastructure in Afghanistan is at risk of falling into the hands of a new entity.

Question are emerging about
- who will be in control
- purposes for which systems will be used

The answers will impact millions of people.


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The Greta Conundrum :

Again I ponder whether to vote in the coming federal election this year or abstain, as usual. My main dilemma is this: Of all parties, only the fascist AfD supports nuclear power. (All other parties advocate the phase-out of nuclear in 2022.) I believe that without nuclear power Germany will have no chance to meet even the most modest climate goals. So, now, do I vote fascist to express my wish for nuclear power? Or do I abstain, because you cannot vote for fascists? Greta would say that climate change is the most urgent problem, to which every other needs to succumb. Well then, Greta, do you want me to vote fascist for your climate dreams?
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My rants about "Progressives", Social Democrats, Greens, in the U.S. & in Germany, is not because I'm conservative. I'm not, quite the contrary. But as I never vote, I'm not forced by needs of cognitive consistency to defend any identification with any position of this or that party.
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Germany: The exit from nuclear energy is a trauma that is just as profound for the Greens as the Hartz reforms for the SPD. Except that the Greens haven't noticed yet.


« At Volga., 1888 »

An interesting piece. The reflections in the water do not truly mirror the ridge of hills, nor the boat or the rower. Which seems to emphasise that Levitan is not interested in a realistic depiction of the landscape but how the colours of the natural assamblage, the hills, and their resumption in the dark waters, create a sphere of its own, enclosed by the light from above and below.

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