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I'm often thinking about hosting a Mastodon instance and other social services. Would anyone even be interested? 🤔 The goal would be high standards of security and privacy and a place to feel safe. The servers would be hardened and locked down as much as possible, and of course be using full-disk encryption. The servers would likely be located in Germany (other possibility is Switzerland). Please let me know your (constructive) thoughts on this.

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We're all humans at the end of the day. We're not the same, but equal. We're all different, and we should embrace the diversity. Generalizing or even dehumanizing any group of people is a very dangerous thing to do. Life isn't black and white, and throwing with stones never brought us forward. Remember that. Whoever or wherever you are, I wish you a lovely and peaceful day.

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A wonderful good <insert local day time here> to you, world! 😊

I feel like GNOME dumbs the UI down too much and KDE is the opposite extreme. 🤔 Know what I mean?

The macOS "Music" app can't handle FLAC. I'm not even surprised, just disappointed. 😔

I wished Apple would bring the iPod with clickwheel back. 😭

Hmmm can't find the setting in VMware Fusion Pro to disable mouse integration. :thonking:

TFW a minor software update was tested for weeks with public snapshots etc. and when it was finally released they call it "hotfix"... Minor update does not mean hotfix...

It was seriously storming with rain, thunder, and even hail (during peak summer) and cat was outside. I was worried but she's safely back. And the best part is, she's barely wet. Seems like she found shelter and got only wet from quickly walking home. What's also interesting is that she came home while it was still raining, and a minute after she was inside storm stopped. She always can feel when a storm will come or when it will settle and knows "it's now safe to walk" before it happens. 🤔

The want to build a LoRa (long range) radio messenger device VS the realization that I have no one to use it with :blobthinkingeyes:

The problem with is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok: The US ban of TikTok suggests that surveillance via social media giants is okay, but not when the surveillance is being done by China. While TikTok might be one of the worst surveillance machines, we have to understand that surveillance is always bad. Let's fight for our right to . 💪

I did rent a Minecraft realms server for a friend and I, and it automatically updates to the latest version. The client update has arrived on Windows, Android and iOS but not on Nintendo Switch, the platform I play most on. So I have to wait for the update to play again. I hope the update will arrive soon. It's probably just some CDN type delay or review process or something, I would guess. 🤔

Internet at home is down for maintenance until morning so I guess I have an excuse to go to sleep at night...? 😝

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