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We're all humans at the end of the day. We're not the same, but equal. We're all different, and we should embrace the diversity. Generalizing or even dehumanizing any group of people is a very dangerous thing to do. Life isn't black and white, and throwing with stones never brought us forward. Remember that. Whoever or wherever you are, I wish you a lovely and peaceful day.

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Watch this video to learn about coal, and how you can help to plant 20 million trees! Boost to spread the word!

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A wonderful good <insert local day time here> to you, world! 😊

I should clarify that this is of course a joke, also, I mean the original DivX format.

How to tell good people from bad people: Bad people still encode for DivX. 😂

What can you buy for more or less 5 USD (or Euro)? Respond with the first thing that comes to mind! 🙂

I understand now why people play Fortnite. It's because the game is so dumb, people get mad and want to shoot each other. 😡😋🤪😆

I just played my second match of Fortnite ever and won. This game is dumb. 😆

I decided to try out Fortnite to see what it is. I just played my very first match and made #5 place. 😊

They finally gave up on the redundant "bug fixes and performance improvements".

@uint8_t How to confuse everybody? Make systemd-beard! Is it about beards or about bears? 🤯

Next time you're defending hate for free speech: Remember that those hateful people are the first, once in power, to get rid of free speech to avoid having anything said against them. There's a difference between what free speech was meant to be, and spreading hate and misinformation. Free speech was not protected so that we can ruin ourselves, but rather so that we can remain free. Spreading hate and calling for witch-hunts towards minorities is the opposite of freedom for those people.

New #bunimation:
- 📐 couple of sprite scale corrections
- 🔁 better looping!


Installing CFW on your Nintendo 3DS comes with neat features like blue light filters and NTP time sync.

When life gives you lemons... 

My first 2D animation experiment using Blender. Practicing image sequence import, scrolling background.

Assets used:
Bun: :bunhop:
Music: Katamari Damaci - Lonely Rolling Star



@milan As a website owner and service provider, you might be interested in the list of tools to scan your site(s)! 😉

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