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the new thinkpads have moved away from the ultra-slim trend in favor of a thicker, cuter aesthetic.

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So, installed Google Chrome again but just for edge cases. Oh I see why Microsoft calls theirs Edge.

Ok sometimes u2f works on Firefox for Android and sometimes not.
Dropbox: yes
Yubico demo: yes
Google: no
Nextcloud: no

Got a new tablet. Setting it up. Tooting from it now. :blobcatcoffee:

There's Authy for desktop... Doesn't that defeat the point of secure 2FA?🤔

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Jeder einzelne von uns hat etwas zu verbergen. Dabei sind es nicht die Einzelinformationen, die uns gefährlich werden können, sondern ihre unvorhergesehene Verwendung und Verknüpfung. Und das Schlimmste ist: Wir wissen nicht, was damit passiert.

Should Comic Sans actually ever be used? And what if I want to use it for a comic? 🤔

Oh wow! I just noticed Firefox on Android can now handle WebAuthn hardware tokens (I tested it with Yubico hardware) and then I uninstalled Google Chrome and Google Authenticatior! Yay!

@Gargron Whenever I post a link to my blog, it can't handle the single quote in the title and instead shows the HTML code for the symbol.

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terrible, i had found this fantastic creature today abandoned, and have now not possibility to take care of him/her . Do somebody of you want it ? I'm in Italy, Toscany # # #

I've been revoking keys all nicely and managing hardware tokens until I decided to go out (unusual for me). Big mistake! I am now back home thinking: "I should do thingy... keys... server thing..." like a bag of potatoes.

What should I toot about next?

Don't panic! I did indeed revoke a bunch of PGP keys. Why? I had too many, and too many email addresses. And I didn't even use them...!

Found a "SmartCard-HSM" that can hold "Up to 38 RSA 2048-bit keys"... I wonder if gpg could use it as smart card to store your PGP keys... But just because I can, should I? 🤔 😜 😆

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