Do you trust Google's keyboard "Gboard"? Please boost for more votes.

Did you guys know that Gboard collects snippets of what you type and submits them to Google? Check the privacy settings to disable that. But of course whether that really disables anything is another question... 🤔

Thank you, to all for all the votes! I kept an eye on it, 350 people voted and what's interesting is that the percentage was always around the same with each new vote!

@sindastra it knows way more about capitalizing brand names than I'm comfortable with

@W10x12_UNO I used to use it, but I didn't trust it while using it. 😅

@sindastra to be fair, I'm guilty of this like one thousand times

"lmao who the fuck would use this?"

Me: *uses it anyway*

@sindastra i mean, I don't think it is gonna do amything bad, but I don't use it because I'm just used to my phone's system keybord.

@sindastra well it's something google made so of course i don't trust it

@sindastra any suggestions for one that is trustworthy?
all i know is i trust gboard better than the asus keyboard or swiftkey

@janeclocker Maybe *the* open-source Android keyboard? I have switched to the built-in Samsung keyboard for now. Maybe one day I'll find something better, which I would then gladly share. :3 Thanks for the follow! <3

@sindastra If you've had it enabled for a while, go check if it uses mobile data. Both gboard and the asus one do.

@janeclocker Thanks for the tip! I'll check it as soon as I've used it for a while! Although now that I think of it... It has a GIF function which would definitely connect to the internet. Maybe I could disable that functionality just for testing? 🤔

@sindastra oh if they even allow that, sure.
the data question isn't very airtight since they could just as easily use wifi. and I'm sure google could push it through some other services if they cared. I just find it interesting that they don't!

@janeclocker Well, I use Android currently, but I also used iOS in the past. One thing that I think is nice about iOS is the permission system. Keyboards can't access the internet at all, unless permission is given. So, when you install Gboard on iOS, it keeps crying for you to give it permission. Not suspicious at all, right? 😅 Although, it is known that Gboard does collect snippets of what you type. It also implements Google search suggestions. There are privacy settings about that in Gboard.

@sindastra I'm so sad they got rid of the internet permission, I loved that on my old kitkat phone, before permissions were officially released. Apps couldn't do anything about it!

Gboard's settings are nice, I had them all off. Seems hard to trust though.

I just tested AnySoftKeyboard, apparently it's a popular open source one. The swipe typing is really lacking, but if you don't use that it seems alright?

Did use some data though, even though it claims it doesn't have access to that... 🤔

@janeclocker That's odd. Any idea what it might have used the data for? Did you download dictionaries or something?

@sindastra No idea. It was something like 6kb (not sure, uninstalled it now). I changed all the settings, language, theme, everything, but nothing claimed to be downloaded. I don't remember seeing ads.

They're probably downloading, not uploading, I just can't tell. Either way, back to gboard for that swipe typing.

@janeclocker Android, and I really mean Android, the open source project, has a keyboard. You could always look at the source code and if you're happy with it, compile and sideload it. 😅 Or, more realistically take the already compiled keyboard found in LineageOS which should be the AOSP keyboard.

@sindastra from quick searching it sounds like the aosp keyboard is pretty outdated, and at least some (unofficial?) lineage builds replace it with gboard.
I think I may have something close to the aosp keyboard (and trustworthy) built into keepass2android. So anything worth typing away from Google's eyes... Well I've at least got the keyboard part covered :P
And maybe in a couple months AnySoftKeyboard will be worth trying again

@janeclocker To clarify, AOSP = Android Open Source Project. So it's maintained together with Android itself. I wouldn't trust custom builds of it though and instead build it myself directly from the upstream repo if I wanted to use it.

@sindastra I don't trust it, but I trust third party ones even less, especially nonsense I've seen on Lenovo devices. My opinion is the default keyboard is less likely to be subverted, or to collect data in ways that I disagree with, esp. as I've sold my soul to the big G. *Less* likely. And I accept that. Cos without it, I wouldn't be able to communicate. I'd trust Apple's in much the same way.

Every time I type a password with a phone keyboard, I know that I can't trust it.

@psyklax Do you know whether you can trust it on a physical keyboard? 🤔😋

@sindastra I don't trust it but I figured they can already get everything I do on Android via Android itself so Google is already a lost case :thonking:

@sindastra There are so many simple open source solutions which have no tracking,no stupid completion shit and nothing but simple keys you can write your text with.Even if I didn't care about privacy (what I absolutely do,never using Google shit) this keyboard would be totally annoying for me with all of its "features" nobody needs 👎

@nipos Actually many people here use those features. Swiping being the most important it seems. I too, use swiping, emoji keys, text editing features and sometimes even GIF although I could live without the GIF keyboard. I'm just saying that because you seemed a bit dismissive. Could you at least share some keyboards you recommend or which you use? Thanks.

@sindastra Maybe this one is the right for you then: It supports Emojis which are a basic feature which should be supported by almost every keyboard nowadays and it even supports gestures but it's open source and free of trackers.

@sindastra You should do a follow up question in this thread.

> Do you use Google's keyboard "Gboard"?

It would be interesting to compare the result.

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