Choose all the ones you use:

Boosts welcome!

tfw there's WhatsApp but no Telegram :P

(yes I know, Telegram has issues too...)

@sindastra I use both XMPP and Matrix myself, don't use WhatsApp because Facebook, don't use Signal because phone numbers, and have never even heard of Threema!

@BalooUriza @sindastra I was just about to comment the same! Mainly XMPP and Telegram here!

@sindastra XMPP, Matrix, Telegram, and Signal for me in that order.

@alm10965 I could only put 4 choices in there. ;) Please vote for the ones you use (if any) and I will take the two winners and create a new poll adding the much requested Matrix and Telegram to it. But first we need to determine the two winners of this poll. :D

@sindastra Matrix is my favorite but I accept Jabber,too.I don't use centralized bullshit like Whatsapp,Signal,Threema,Telegram,... at all.

@nipos That's a bit harsh wording there! But I get what you mean.

@fuyuhikodate I will take the winners of this poll and do a new poll adding Matrix and Telegram. So feel free to vote for the things you currently use (if any)!

@sindastra You'll get partly biased results as the vote button is disabled when no boxes are checked.

@sindastra ...none of those, actually. hah.

What a strange set of choices.

Never Signal or Whatsapp.. I don't know what Threema is, So xmpp.

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