You know, if there's one thing Apple does better with their phones than others, it's that they usually support them with software updates for 5 years or more. The iPhone 5S came out in 2013 and while it didn't make it to the iOS 13 update from last year and is "stuck" with iOS 12, Apple is still releasing iOS 12 security fixes for it. What Android phone from 2013 is still getting updates from the OEM? 🤔


Yes iPhones are expensive, and yes repairs are expensive, and yes Apple sucks just like all other tech giants. But if you actually bought an iPhone 5S back then and stuck with it until now, that's already been 7 years and going. Putting it that way it's cheaper than buying an Android phone every year. Of course there are people who just stick with an insecure, un-updatable Android phone for several years and others that buy an iPhone every year but that's just people being people... 🤷‍♀️

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I know one person that is still using an iPhone 5S today with the attitude of "it's a phone, it gets updates, it does what's it supposed to" which is kind of amazing.

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@Genosse_Bruno I think it's a "scam" because: 1. They already dropped updates for some of their older models (not so fair and long-lived after all) and 2. You can't actually buy the main piece as replacement. Truly modular to me, means you could buy all the pieces separately and build the phone yourself. Modern iPhones are just as "modular" as a Fairphones and you can get replacements cheaply from China, the difference is that modern smartphones are glued and need knowledge and tools to open.

@Genosse_Bruno If you have the skills, some basic tools and a hair drier is enough to open a modern smartphone and replace parts. ;)

@Genosse_Bruno In case you don't know, the hair drier (professionally you use a hot air gun) is to warm up and soften the glue. If you try without and simply apply force, you will crack the screen. So don't do that. 🤪

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