despite my rant about #nextcloud deck, i would like to add, that even tho the layout could be better thought out in some regards, i enjoy having it open on my second screen since a few days. i like it better than trello for sure, maybe i even keep using it - unlike trello and all the other stuff like it that i never kept using

curious how much i gonna integrate nextcloud in my life again(!) long term

@milan I'm actually probably going to move away from Nextcloud. It's too unreliable for me to be used to store precious data. :p

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@sindastra interesting, what happened? for simple filesync i get only annoyed about conflicts, but everything else has always worked fine over the years... what do you wanna use now? cozy?

@milan Well, the default encryption module seems to think my KeePass database is an encrypted file (well it is...) and then breaks it, and the Nextcloud client on iOS doesn't upload all photos, that's all. I'm going to move to a Synology NAS which has excellent software but I know it's not an option for FOSS people as it's proprietary.

@sindastra i see... but couldn't you just put your files on an excrypted imagefile/partiton so you dont have to rely on this feature?

@milan I use full disk encryption with dm-crypt, and as it turns out the default encryption module in Nextcloud is a joke as the keys are in the data folder, so I disabled it and removed the plugin and that solved the issue of it trying to decrypt the KeePass file. But the Nextcloud photo backup is still not great, at least on iOS, at least for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@milan PS I don't recommend storing disk images in Nextcloud as any change to any file, no matter how small, requires re-uploading of the entire disk image. 🤔 I recommend file based encryption instead. 🧐

@milan (unless you host it yourself and are using full disk encryption already...)

@sindastra i didn't mean it this way around, its just that you could store nextcloud data inside an disk image :)

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