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i'm reading this "tech freelancer's guide to starting a worker cooperative" and getting simultaneously pumped and overwhelmed 😬

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Over the last few months I have been monitoring the alt-right online with @sinders. Here is a talk we gave at HOPE on the topic.

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Why UX Design For Machine Learning Matters
"#MachineLearning won’t reach its potential–and may actually cause harm–if it doesn’t develop in tandem with user experience #ux #design"
@sinders @ #rp17
"The #ethical and practical considerations of machine learning have to be shaped by how products using machine learning affect users and how users can understand and see those effects."

the greatest love notes i've ever written are shade riddled, shit talking art world skewering late night text messages fueled by rosé and sent to @prometheanwatch

question: is it weird to ask a friend who is trying to sell a fine art photo printer if you can rent said printer to make a print?
is that weird?

my product manager and i are the only people in the office so obviously we accidentally set off the alarm.

behind on all of my extracurricular deadlines- as one does.

Free idea: who wants to make "let me wiki that for you"? You submit a few lines of text, like Trump saying "we got the best military in the world" and it links to American military defeats.

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Today I made a raspberry pi glitch camera using python. It takes a photo every 0.5sec and glitches it. I think it worked pretty well!

I'll open source it eventually.

Library used for glitches:

Here are some example images it generated:

i really dont use this as much as twitter, and that's probably a shame.

so i sorta dig mastodon but i wish i got better notifications....


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