And yes, I'm aware of Widgetsmith and other similar apps. I started this one a while ago, but iOS 14 was released a bit sudden. The benefit of this one is that you can have multiple widgets of the same size with different photos, chosen in the widget itself.

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I made an iPhone app:
Custom Photo Widget — Put photos on your home screen using the new iOS 14 widget system.

iOS 14 WidgetKit is great, but reusing Siri Intents for widget configuration (and as the only way) is just so limiting and boilerplaty...

An update is out with:
- You can now find the previous recording in the menu with easy ways to copy & share it.
- Added “Launch at login” preference.
- Added “Copy recording when done” preference.
- Added a device-specific setting to force stereo input devices to record mono.

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Huge thanks to for sponsoring my open source work! Check out my Standard Resume:

I'm also trying to collect a list of apps with a "Share" button, so if you know any not listed in the app description. Please let me know. And also some cool use-cases for Shareful that I could include in the App Store description.

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Did anyone else stop getting notifications about new app reviews in the (App Store) Connect app on iOS? I think I stopped getting them a couple of weeks ago.

I'm very much open to ideas for additional share services. Let me know here or through the feedback button in the app.

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I started working on this one 3 years ago, but never managed to ship it... until now. Feels good. 🚢👌

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I made a new macOS app:
Shareful — Makes the system share menu even more useful by providing some commonly needed share services. Any app with a "Share" button now has a Copy, Save, and Open action.

"Swiftʼs Collection Types — Sequence, Collection, Array, and everything in between."

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