JavaScript has async/await. Now it just needs actors.

You can now also disable vibrancy, which can improve legibility (macOS 11 only).

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eslint-plugin-unicorn is now at 70 rules with more coming.

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How would you improve this sentence? (I use it in the welcome window for my apps)

> If you have any feedback, bug reports, or feature requests, kindly use the “Send Feedback” button in the “Help” menu. I respond to all submissions.

LOL people replying that I wasted my time. Please realize it's my time to waste (I don't agree it's a waste of time though). No one else's. I also just spent half an hour reading at depth about catnip and 15 minutes perfecting a circle. And I also muted replies a long time ago.

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I also just finished moving all my repos from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (huge thanks to for the help)

* Why? Because Travis CI got acquired and stopped providing a free plan for open source projects.

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I spent yesterday and today manually renaming the `master` branch to `main` in all my (1K+) repos.

Users giving 1 star reviews because you don't support their ancient macOS/iOS version 🤷🏻‍♂️

Someone in the US really wanted to get into my account in November :P

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I only really charge for the app to ensure I don't get low-quality users (which results in a lot more support and a higher chance of troll reviews).

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Here are some promo codes to get it for free (usually $5):

The only thing I ask is to use the feedback button in the app to send some feedback if you notice anything that could be improved.

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