Another minor but very useful new GitHub feature. GitHub now has a "Delete fork" button in merged PRs.

However, it could be so much more useful with an "Open With" and "Share" menu item. Please duplicate my Radar:

Tip: You can right-click the floating screenshot window in Mojave for more actions.

The Refined GitHub browser extension just passed 1000 commits and we also just finished the transition to TypeScript, thanks to and 👏

💻🖼 I made a high-level Puppeteer wrapper to make it super easy to capture screenshots of websites from Node.js and the command-line.

In 2018, I made my computer take a screenshot of my GitHub profile each day. Here's the result as a timelapse.

@sindresorhus’s fkill is life saver. You can kill a process by port number:

And there’s also an Alfred workflow to quickly kill those pesky “helpers”

Anyone wanna help us finish moving the "Refined GitHub" browser extension to TypeScript? Can be done piecemeal file-by-file.

To be clear, it would be shorthand syntax for `type Optional<T> = T | undefined;`.

I'm intentionally ignoring `null` here as that's IMHO a better way forward. Default parameters in JS don't work with `null` either.

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