Caprine now has an opt-in menu bar mode on macOS. The menu bar icon will indicate when you have unread notifications and you can click it to toggle the Caprine window. There's also a keyboard shortcut to toggle the window. And you can hide the Dock icon.

If anyone wants exactly the above, you can use this config in your .zshrc:

zstyle :prompt:pure:path color ''
zstyle :prompt:pure:git:branch color ''
zstyle :prompt:pure:prompt:success color cyan

You will also need:

And since they don't yet allow images in the body text, I went for some creative ascii art.

GitHub Sponsors just got support for emojis and Markdown in tiers and I feel like I might have gone a bit overboard with it 😝

We are also planning better customization for the actual prompt, like the ability to create Pure widgets/plugins. Join the discussion in

Direct all credit to for implementing the feature and for having written most of the Pure code.

And 7 years later, GitHub is still not usable on my phone... The official mobile site is missing too many features. I know they're working on improving this though.

You could say this was the precursor to Refined GitHub.

I used it myself for a long time but never got around to publishing it. I had totally forgotten about it until I stumbled upon some screenshots today when cleaning up old stuff. It was named Octokitten and this was the icon.

Note that the only screenshots I have are ones I took as reminders to fix stuff early on... So they have some visual issues. I swear the finished version looked much better.

In 2012, I made a mobile app for GitHub. It was a native app with a web view. It took the desktop site and massively restyled it to fit on a mobile screen, and also added some native actions and menus. This was long before GitHub got an official mobile site.

Twitter is like group therapy, but no one gets better.

I saw a `Future` type mentioned in one of the Combine talks, but I haven't seen any docs on it? Anyone know more?

Doing async stuff in Swift is such a pain, especially compared to how nice it is to use async/await when doing JavaScript. I really hope async/await will be in Swift 6 (including adoption in Apple's frameworks).

I have rewritten my Electron boilerplate to include all the best practices I've learned from making Caprine in the past few years. It's now also a "template repository".

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