EventKit is by far the worst macOS API I have used yet. So many old bugs that most apps will hit that never were fixed.

For example, stackoverflow.com/questions/40

To name a few: @wooorm@twitter.com @fabiospampinato@twitter.com @sethholladay@twitter.com @indigitalcolor@twitter.com @thlorenz@twitter.com @indutny@twitter.com @cjihrig@twitter.com

Go click the above link and sponsor some of these awesome people too!

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Thanks to @StandardResume@twitter.com for increasing their sponsorship 🙏 I decided to spend it on sponsoring other developers. github.com/sindresorhus?tab=sp

Come on. Almost nobody is giving feedback. Read the second paragraph, please...

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Show me your open source project and I'll give you some quick feedback.

Here's the twist, you must also give some constructive feedback to someone else's project in this thread.

JavaScript has async/await. Now it just needs actors.

You can now also disable vibrancy, which can improve legibility (macOS 11 only).

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eslint-plugin-unicorn is now at 70 rules with more coming.

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How would you improve this sentence? (I use it in the welcome window for my apps)

> If you have any feedback, bug reports, or feature requests, kindly use the “Send Feedback” button in the “Help” menu. I respond to all submissions.

LOL people replying that I wasted my time. Please realize it's my time to waste (I don't agree it's a waste of time though). No one else's. I also just spent half an hour reading at depth about catnip and 15 minutes perfecting a circle. And I also muted replies a long time ago.

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I also just finished moving all my repos from Travis CI to GitHub Actions (huge thanks to @Richienb2@twitter.com for the help)

* Why? Because Travis CI got acquired and stopped providing a free plan for open source projects.

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I spent yesterday and today manually renaming the `master` branch to `main` in all my (1K+) repos.

Users giving 1 star reviews because you don't support their ancient macOS/iOS version 🤷🏻‍♂️

Someone in the US really wanted to get into my account in November :P

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