I learned web development in the early days (long before GitHub) with the "View source" button. The trend of generated class-names makes me sad...

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Yihaa! 🤠

#cowboyprogramming 😋

There are some nice counterexamples out there. From memory, check out source code view.

@sindresorhus Yeah, stuff like this is ridiculous. Also, that page probably has a few K of readable text content and probably 10x-20x in class names. :blobfrowningbig:

@sindresorhus hi5

I still having trouble not use html tag instead css.

When learnt Web development and design, Wordpress or CMS or Web template is nothing heard of.

@sindresorhus this makes me really sad, too. i guess it's the consequence of an ongoing development: sites get bigger and more complicated, sometimes they even turn into apps. even many small scale sites that are not app-like have adopted complicated build-tools though, because there's always this idea that it might as well grow into something bigger some day.

@sindresorhus styled components. I get it but feel it's solving a human problem with a technical solution.

Personally I'm a fan of CSS modules or even better vanilla CSS with --vars.

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