If you got the chance, which historic stalwart would you like to have a conversation with? Steve Jobs? Mahatma Gandhi? Abraham Lincoln?

Short Story.

Arun Singh was a paranoid manager. He knew any employee could be poached if offered a good enough increment. Restless, he called his top subordinate from an unknown number, and pretending to be a hiring manager for a rival, offered him a 40% increment to jump.

The subordinate paused, and replied, 'I know someone who would do it in 20.'


'Arun Singh.'

Me: What could I possibly do after the Avengers era?

Netflix: Mindhunter, Wild Wild Country, The King, The Devil Next Door

Me: Got it

Abraham Lincoln: Hello, good peoples of Twitter!
Troll: &@?!
Lincoln: I don’t like you; I must get to know you better.
Troll: #£$?!
Lincoln: Screw this.

Mob mentality - Twitter
Group mentality - Facebook
Societal mentality - Whatsapp Groups
Personal mentality - when you meet a dog

We need a Byju’s for husbands. So I can show my wife I am a Level 29 Super Achiever every time we argue.

Short Story.

A CEO got annoyed by a relentless anonymous troller. Going through the troller's profile, the CEO discovered that he would be meeting someone in the Vibe cafe in the evening, and he decided to accost the troller there. Sighing, and in need of a friendly voice, he called up his childhood friend. 'When can we catch up next, my friend?' he asked jovially. The friend reciprocated, 'I will be at the Vibe Cafe in the evening, why don't I treat you to a cup of coffee?'

What did a chatbot say to another chatbot which started cursing a customer.

Bot Hard.

Mastodon an opportunity to re-write ‘A Guide to Being Human.’ I’ll start. 1. Assume you’re holding a sweet smelling cookie and a warm cup of araku coffee while tooting.

I took the red pill. Joining Mastodon. Beware a digihuman sent from the future to disrupt the movement.


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