17,572 singers from 129 countries come together to perform “Sing Gently”, composed by Eric Whitacre.

This is amazing. Well worth a listen.

I like to think of Mastodon as Twitter's shadow realm: mysterious, parallel but not quite touching, anyone with accounts on both can call themselves a planeswalker

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I’m speaking at FlaskCon! Yay!

Now I just need to put a presentation together...

Update: I managed to put together a sample webapp that does OAuth login with Mastodon! It's written in Python, using Flask and SQLAlchemy.

I have more plans for this code, but I'll leave this repo as an example and continue working separately. Hopefully others will find it useful and informative!

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Do I need to save the server URL in a database or in the user's session cookie or something? Is it present in the redirected request from the Mastodon server? Can I use the `state` parameter to save this information? (If I use the `state` param for this, it's no longer useful to avoid MiTM attacks...)

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I know decently well, but decentralization adds a new and confusing spin on it.

Let's say I want to make a web app that allows users to log in with Mastodon. The user types in the server URL, gets redirected to the server, approves the auth request, and is redirected back to my web app with a code. Now I need to make an API request to the server to get the OAuth token -- but at this point, I've lost the original server URL. How do I know which server to contact?

Everyone saying that pride month was cancelled, but it actually feels like the most genuine pride month in a long time.
No corporate floats or rainbow branding. Just people angry and pushing to change the world.

Because I realized I haven’t said it yet: black lives matter. I wish we lived in a world where everyone understood that, but we don’t. So I’m saying it clearly, this is what I believe and what I know to be true.

This is fascinating! The origin of the term “sharding”, in a database context. Looks like it originally comes from the lore of the massive multiplayer online game “Ultima Online”!

Ah yes. The three branches of UK government. House of commons, house of lords, and house of pancakes.

Today's a good day to donate to bail funds, racial justice, and police reform organizations. I'm matching up to $1500--reply or DM with your receipts.

Want to play digital board games with friends and relieve the boredom of coronavirus lockdown? Humble Bundle's got you covered. Check it out!

I bought the bundle, and I'm looking for friends to play with! (Feel free to toot me if you want to play!)

Zoom just acquired @keybase, hoping that doing so will improve their reputation for being extremely lax in security.

However, it appears that all this has done is caused security-conscious Keybase users to stop using Keybase. Trust can’t be bought.

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