I think I’m on Mastodon instead of Twitter because I want some control over , I believe means that my choices will have some global meaning, and I intentionally choose my .


Metaphors we believe by: the pantheon of 2019 aaronzlewis.com/blog/2019/07/2

This is really interesting: it’s a good way of acknowledging and describing the human forces that shape our changing world, even when they do so in ways that humans don’t actually want (like climate change). I never thought of conceptualizing these forces as “gods” in a religious context, but it actually makes a lot of sense, and resonates with me.

Trying out Mastonaut from @brunoph. It’s really nice! Much better than Whalebird, which is what I was using before.

I’m so glad the Mastodon ecosystem is growing! More clients means a better experience for everyone.


this pre-commit hook has saved my butt so many times

Really tempted to go to QueerJS: queerjs.com

Is anyone else going?

I’m performing today with the Amsterdam Gay Men’s Chorus! It’s gonna be a “Riot at the Circus”! 🎪🎵🏳️‍🌈


I like contributing to open source projects, but it’s tiring. Reading & writing documentation, deciphering tests, checking edge-cases, waiting on reviews or reviewing other people’s code... it’s a lot of work that is mostly unseen!

So, thank you open source contributors. You make my life immeasurably better, and I hope that my work makes your life better, too. ❤️

Just set up the GitHub Sponsor button for Flask-Dance! We use Tidelift for sponsoring Flask-Dance: tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/

I hope that Tidelift and GitHub manage to solve the funding issue for software maintainers!

Just submitted a talk proposal for PyCon DE: de.pycon.org/

This year, all of my talk proposals so far have been rejected. Hopefully my luck will improve!

I’ve been in super-social mode non-stop for the past two weeks or so. It’s been great, but tiring as well. I’m seeing a LOT of friends on this trip!

1600 pounds of amethyst, and all I can think of is Steven Universe.

(from the Harvard Museum of Natural History)

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