Just set up the GitHub Sponsor button for Flask-Dance! We use Tidelift for sponsoring Flask-Dance: tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/

I hope that Tidelift and GitHub manage to solve the funding issue for software maintainers!

Just submitted a talk proposal for PyCon DE: de.pycon.org/

This year, all of my talk proposals so far have been rejected. Hopefully my luck will improve!

I’ve been in super-social mode non-stop for the past two weeks or so. It’s been great, but tiring as well. I’m seeing a LOT of friends on this trip!

1600 pounds of amethyst, and all I can think of is Steven Universe.

(from the Harvard Museum of Natural History)

@tootapp Any idea when Toot! will support polls? I love your app, but I don’t love missing out on part of the Mastodon experience. 🙁

The view from . I didn’t know we got chickens and goats, as well as conference talks and sprints!

I was talking up quite a lot during , and it looks like a few new people have signed up! 🎉 Welcome, everyone!

Played a fun game of Agricola last night with some other attendees! (And I won!)

Ugh, we ran over time. My lightning talk will be this afternoon, instead 🙁

About to do my lightning talk! It’s early, but I’m excited anyway

I’m doing a lightning talk tomorrow morning! It’s called: “One Weird Trick (for making your name badge visible at lunch)”

It’s gonna be super short, (hopefully) funny, and very actionable for this or any other conference!

Who else is here at ? I’m running a about Mastodon tomorrow afternoon!

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