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Leninist Lariat @sinn_fein_shooter@mastodon.social

Hey y'all. I'm over at the soc.ialis.me instance with the same url. :)

So uhhhhh how do I make a profile on another instance?

I wonder if this would be better if I tried the other instances?

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TERF mention, Trans misogyny Show more

When will someone be hopelessly in love w me

When you can't get free beer for your party's congress.

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I am so sick and tired of the stupid "we need to listen to both sides of an argument even if we don't agree" sentiment like um NO if your "side" of the argument is about devaluing another human bc of their skin, religion, or country then fuck your argument and fuck you. It doesn't deserve any type of platform and we need to stop validating such bigoted ideas.

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I feel like I haven't had as many cool interactions on here recently as I did the first couple days. It feels like a lot of people have just gone back to twitter?

Only the USA could illegally station forces in a sovereign nation (Syria), shoot down a government jet without provocation in its own airspace, call it self-defense, and get away with it

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Hi all. I don't mean to come down on anybody, but if you're under 18, before you post, please think: "What's the chance that the people who run Mastodon.Social will get in trouble if I post this?"

This is a difficult favor to ask. We all know that sexuality doesn't just turn on on your 18th birthday, but the laws aren't always so sensitive. It would be really awful if m.s had to shut down because we were hosting publicly-visible sexual content from posters 17 and younger.