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Leninist Lariat @sinn_fein_shooter

If I had to give new commies one tip in regards to literature to start with, don't start with the Communist Manifesto. Marx & Engels wrote it for an audience of already committed party members so there are a lot of things they assume of the reader. Also, Capital is a bih to get through, even for the more well read commies. I honestly find that Engels himself is more accessible. Also, Marxists.org is a great site to find free reading materials.

@sinn_fein_shooter I've always thought the Manifesto is pretty solid intro material because for people who've been on the left prior to reading about communism a lot of the concepts are intuitive.

@marxleninmarcy yeah I guess if you have a vaguely Left background it can be good. But someone coming from a centrist background might be better off starting elsewhere. Idk.

@sinn_fein_shooter good point. I've only ever converted liberals or leftists into commies so never had to deal with people who are totally and absolutely clueless when it comes to class analysis.

@marxleninmarcy yeah and with centrists or apolitical people I've engaged, I've just tried to talk with them about any misconceptions they may have or talk about how fucked up shit is before going into book recommendations. Haven't had a ton of success totally radicalizing people this way but I've made several people at least more sympathetic to leftists.