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This is where I moved the filth after tumblr went down! Older posts are mirroring the tumblr blog pretty exactly, captions and asks included, because I'm a sentimental idiot.

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Kidd Commander smut, now on Mastodon!

I assume if you're here you already know the drill with the kind of stuff you'll find here; lots of blood, lots of robits, lots of gay shit.

Please don't repost my work or boost it! I'm keeping the account public for now so those without accounts can follow, but if this is abused I'll lock it down.

If you have Colorful questions or requests for kc characters this is where I’ll answer them! I can't do Anon like we could on tumblr, but feel free to dm me


i saw the original painting and was like Hm, Phineas so here is a sketch

grumpy topless phin is very important to me okay

nsfw sketch 

i have another ellie in a jacket for u


a robot an anthro and a human walk into a bedroom

I had a couple tame ones sitting in the message center for Jo and Hazard, someone asked for them holding hands and that kills me about as much as the sex tbqh

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The thing I really miss about tumblr is taking anonymous requests lmao

hey hi i reposted some phin/agatha filth i'd deleted before if you're into that!

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HOKAY that's everything from the old blog moved! I was kinda lazy because there was so much to repost, but I'll do my best to tag newer stuff better.

chains, actual filth 

whatcha talkin about phin

this got posted in the discord the other day and it was suddenly very important that i draw ellie in a sweater

hoo boy i’m in a smoochy ulrich mood lately i tell you what

no tiddy in this one really but listen i’m real gay for phin’s shoulders

people have been talking about the tain a lot and i’m delighted i’m not the only person on board the monsterfucking train

i mean it’s not TECHNICALLY nsfw but uhhh it probably goes here anyway

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