i saw the original painting and was like Hm, Phineas so here is a sketch

grumpy topless phin is very important to me okay

nsfw sketch 

i have another ellie in a jacket for u


a robot an anthro and a human walk into a bedroom

chains, actual filth 

whatcha talkin about phin

this got posted in the discord the other day and it was suddenly very important that i draw ellie in a sweater

hoo boy i’m in a smoochy ulrich mood lately i tell you what

no tiddy in this one really but listen i’m real gay for phin’s shoulders

people have been talking about the tain a lot and i’m delighted i’m not the only person on board the monsterfucking train

i mean it’s not TECHNICALLY nsfw but uhhh it probably goes here anyway

WHOOO it’s nice that dates aren’t attached to these things, this was requested well over six months ago. I’ve been picking at it for a while, I kept thinking I’d add a little more but I think public stuff just doesn’t really do it for me haha. I tried tho! Here’s Phin and Agatha being dumbasses.


i found a good reference and had to draw Casual Topless Phin right away, it’s the law

THIS ISN’T SMUT but I did take some smooch requests in the discord a couple weeks ago I meant to post here, it’s better than nothin I suppose

UM OF COURSE but phin is most definitely not doing the riding in this particular pairing hehe. it’s also extremely likely she’d ask ellie to leave at least a couple pieces of her uniform on because, holy SHIT, gettin fucked by a star guardian life is grand

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