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Some quick and sloppy phin/agatha I threw together because convention stuff is still keeping me from having time to draw any filth.

WHOOO it’s nice that dates aren’t attached to these things, this was requested well over six months ago. I’ve been picking at it for a while, I kept thinking I’d add a little more but I think public stuff just doesn’t really do it for me haha. I tried tho! Here’s Phin and Agatha being dumbasses.

i found a good reference and had to draw Casual Topless Phin right away, it’s the law

I finished some Ulrich/Ellie smut yesterday and I wanted to post it here before I leave. MERRY CRISIS

THIS ISN’T SMUT but I did take some smooch requests in the discord a couple weeks ago I meant to post here, it’s better than nothin I suppose

UM OF COURSE but phin is most definitely not doing the riding in this particular pairing hehe. it’s also extremely likely she’d ask ellie to leave at least a couple pieces of her uniform on because, holy SHIT, gettin fucked by a star guardian life is grand

san junipero au

how can i find an excuse for them to fuck in a cozy beach house in canon

boy that pose sure is fuckin weird to draw lmao. But I do like the idea and more Ulrich/Ellie stuff ain’t a bad thing, so I wrote a teeny lil snippet of something kind of in the spirit of what was asked. Better than nothing, hopefully!

I’mma mark this one for coercion, sorta, if that happens to make you uncomfortable.

Takes place long before canon. This was written before we got a name for the girl following Ulrich around in the periphery of his existence but I really wanted to play with this dynamic, so excuse the pronoun game.

This is technically canon compliant, but it doesn't really serve the narrative and the nature of their relationship won't be brought up for a long time, so do with that what you will.

So I thought about this one. Phin wanting things that she doesn’t have is a pretty stark character trait, but another thing I kept coming back to is like? Phineas is so narcissistic. Esp. regarding her physical form n such, which she’s worked pretty hard to get. I think she’s too into body worship (giving or receiving) to get jealous

it would also mean SHE wanted curves, which isn’t so much the case as she wants to do things WITH someone else’s hee

but oh man yeah curvy ladies are somethin huh

bun tit 

I’m drawing someone else into this one but I got sad because they cover up most of ellie’s hips, so here’s the sketch by itself.

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