This whole "season" shit in games does my head in. It took 20 years to get away from pathetically clinging to the coattails of film, now half the industry is desperately trying to emulate television just because that's bigger now.

Meanwhile theatre, the only medium that's at ALL like games, goes completely ignored by almost everyone.

I think homophobia/queerphobia has something to do with it. Just a hunch.

@sinvega I suspect everybody secretly knows this but ignores it because theatre doesn't make hollywood money

@sinvega My biggest issue with "season" is it has lost all temporal meaning in games. In TV it's always been associated with a year (and most traditionally Aug-Nov, Feb-May with breaks between). Games seem to mean "however long we feel like". We're seeing game seasons as small as two weeks, and I don't think any two games currently have anything resembling the same season calendar.

@sinvega on the one hand, I’ve always interpreted this thing as being cribbed from sports (esports games using “season” to denote the leaderboard refresh period, “season pass” tracking w/ the concept of season tickets for a sports team, etc), but on the other hand, fuck sports also

@sinvega also sports and TV have a very close relationship and I think your point absolutely stands regardless

@sinvega Isn't the season pass stuff just novlang for "preorder our DLCs"?

To me it's more of a symptom: videogame prices have not gone up in years because the market rejects it, despite inflation. Yet AAA games cost more and more.

I guess it's one way to make people pay more than 60$ "in disguise".

It's not great but well, what is the alternative?

Indie titles? Same problem unless their creator isn't actually trying to run a business and does it for the fun.

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