More people would enjoy MMOs if they stopped playing them like such fuckin nerds

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@sinvega MMOs are fucking great when they're designed for people who have jobs and not for people who want a second job

@sinvega i mostly pin the blame on the designers for incentivising daily/weekly loops of repetitive content that drive players to either find the most optimal route through replaying the same endgame content over and over & being toxic as fuck to new players, or just giving up on the grind entirely to just be toxic as fuck to new players

@sinvega but then idk if my perspective tracks with The Average MMO Player Experience since I gravitate towards the official/unofficial RP server in every MMO regardless of whether I intend on actually RPing in it because RP-oriented players consistently generate their own content and if nothing else that's fun to watch while I'm waiting for DPS queues

@sinvega I'm just happy hitting things and making furniture for my virtual house.

@sinvega in all seriousness, I reckon there's people who'll appreciate and need that permission.

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