"Games are more expensive to make!"

That's because you make them more expensive so you can rip people off more. Every major publisher is swimming in obscene amounts of money. There's a guy who owns a studio making a game called "cyberpunk" and he personally is a fucking billionaire. You're not "supporting the industry" by paying £70 for a game, you're just perpetuating total bullshit.

bad joke barely funny 

@sinvega So if piracy is good for games you think piracy's bad?!

bad joke barely funny 

@sinvega indeed. repent or you'll be thrown in the brig

@sinvega Hey can I pester you to review Rook Trader once I get the mobile version running?

@sinvega Ah, fair enough. I'm having a heck of a time trying to fit it onto a phone screen anyway, I designed it as a browser game.

@sinvega This "games are more expensive to make" argument is so silly.

Like, have you AAA companies tried not spending a fortune in 3d graphics? Not sinking money into internet connectivity for single player games? Or even just tried to cut the budget of the boob physics department?

Indie games are easier and cheaper than ever to make. AAA companies are just out of touch.

@sinvega That's true. You get on the bus and everyone is playing a cheap game. Surely you don't _need_ games to be expensive, then? "Those games don't count."

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@eldaking @sinvega seriously if games can just stop investing in graphics so much (also racking up the requirements on end-user PCs to run them) and instead start investing in in story, art, and direction that *actually* makes the multi-million-dollar investment make more sense?

Hire a well-known writer for movies, a novel writer, and theatre script writer, educate them about games, then give them space to create something, you'll be surprised

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@ShadowJonathan I'm not sure if that is the issue. Why do we even need "millions" put in any of those things? Isn't it ok to just make normal games?

Make something like a good indie or small studio, but without the crazy personal sacrifices due to lack of money.

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@eldaking probably because of an ongoing pissing contest of "who can create the best game"

And in the process eroding all love and soul out of games themselves

And so they keep throwing more money at the problem to fix it, eroding it even more, ad infinitum

Occasionally some fresh angle and games comes into the industry, and it can either take the route of corperatization to death (EA), or stay small (<insert indie company with 1 game in last decade>)

Games rambling 

@eldaking I do love if the game industry can keep producing works of passion and love, but tbh it's a wider issue where it just becomes a ROI machine to investors, a "big bucks" industry

If the wider global corperate culture and industry can stop using the same soul-sucking framework it's been having since the industrial age, that'd be nice, please

Oh yeah, and finally, definitively, put something *else* above profits, ffs

@sinvega this!
they still make good games that are not expensive, and they are usually sold on
(and of course they are not available on consoles because of the lock-in)

@sinvega Just before I logged in this morning, I got a Kickstarter notice for a game that looks potentially fun but which can only be played a limited number of times (mystery/spoilers) and which costs CA$89 + tax + shipping for the "basic" tier, or CA$130 + tax + shipping for the "deluxe" tier. I can't afford that. The reason it's so expensive? Each of the room tiles are 3D pop-ups and snap together magnetically. I mean... neat? But 100% unnecessary and doesn't actually add to gameplay.

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