The curse: You can permanently destroy and undo the impact of one, but only one of the following.

Very interesting. Wouldn't have thought Google gets away unscathed.

@ultem @sinvega undoing Google would mean a world dominated by Microsoft and Apple.

@sinvega whats everyones reasoning for fb over google? Is it because zuck himself is insane
@sinvega oh shit thats true, i know people who use insta but not fb so i forget how terrible it really is

@riamu @sinvega
Google still has it's uses, while Facebook's most/only useful feature is reminding you of people's birthdays.

@pupperipherals @sinvega the way i see it /pol/ cant affect anything without social media

@sinvega I dont get why FB over Google. Google is the biggest evil.

@AnarchoFox @sinvega Google is actually innovative in many ways and pushes the industry forward (web infrastructure, browser, search engine, machine learning etc.) Whereas Facebook is just spaghetti PHP code Zuckerberg hacked together in his dorm and decided to monetize.

@AnarchoFox @sinvega Google is evil and totalitarian all right but they sure know how to make good software. All their stuff is written in rock-solid, high-performing C++/Java/Go code.

@jwinnie @AnarchoFox @sinvega I voted for Facebook, but actually some really good software has come out of Facebook. Particularly Btrfs

@robby @AnarchoFox @sinvega Most of that is software which isn't really central to Facebook's business, and could be written by anyone else really.

The Facebook application itself is still written in PHP, in 2020. That any application by a major tech corporation is written in PHP (the childrens' spaghetti code language) is insane.

@robby @AnarchoFox @sinvega You're FACEBOOK for goodness sakes. Write your web services the right way, in Rust or something.

@jwinnie @AnarchoFox @sinvega Facebook does not only use PHP. For example, their spam filtering service is written in Haskell, and they definitely use other languages for different things.

@AnarchoFox @sinvega I agree that google is very problematic, but they actually provide a service, and - at least in the beginning - they were very dedicated to diversity in hiring while Facebook has always been a toxic dudebro thing. I mean the whole thing started as a project to rate girls on a campus FFS!

@sinvega That's difficult 🤔 Both Google and Facebook are just a very big and awful piece of shit which permanently does evil stuff 🤢 But I vote that Google is worse because they have more evil power over the internet while you can avoid Facebook more easily.

@sinvega One of these evils is greater than the others in such a way the cultural changes amplify the rest IMO.

Looking at the results I might not be the only one to think that. o.o

@sinvega The impact of Goolag is much more insidious than the one of the other 3 together. They've even succeeded in making that 95% of Android-based cellphone users believe their OS has always been a propietary one, and that it must be so. They're building transhumanism for the masses, i.e. humanity freed from any imperfection or flaw, and ultimately from death itself. A humanity without the burden of freedom and the need to make choices.

@sinvega 4chan never would've made it to the boomers without facebook

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