@sinvega Saw this exerpt and now I'm imagining the kind of farcical police state where you have to be a certain amount of rigid to keep your protest legal.

@sinvega Those monsters! How dare they *checks notes* decline to maintain muscle tension. Time to legislate the exact parameters of muscle tension required while being detained by law enforcement.

You hear that, dissidents? You better tense those muscles in precisely the proportions that you would while hanging out with comrades, no more, and no less!

@sinvega i have not laughed this hard in a long time.

“We have asked them to stop being floppy.”
“House said floppiness was a ‘real issue’”

great tactic too.

@sinvega "Being floppy" was a self-defence move I learned many moons ago, and my instructor describe it as trying to pick up a toddler who does not want to be picked up. He demonstrated it, we practiced it--it is very, very effective.

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