why do you let your phone badger you all the time man

switch that shit off. keep those fuckers in their place


My phone's not on DND. I'm more selective.

If an Android app keeps nagging you, you can drag the notification across by half an inch to reveal a cog icon. Tapping that icon brings up a dialogue where you can say which notifications you want to see and which you don't. For example, I want a notification when someone shares a photo with me via Google Photos, but not when it pointlessly dredges up a photo from years ago, just to get me to spend more time in the app.


@markusl @sinvega literally the only thing i wanna year from my phone is a ringing when someone calls me.

And this phone made that impossible.
DND, except all calls let thru exactly zero calls.

so i had to turn everything off, except calls. like some cave woman.


Hmm. Android settings; sound; Do Not Disturb; scroll down to "What can interrupt DND"; tap "people"; tap "calls"; select from "starred contacts", "contacts", "anyone" and "none".

I've not tried it in practice (I'm supposed to be gardening 😏), but does this meet your needs?


@markusl yupp, that's exactly what i did.
and then i asked my partner to call me on Phone, WhatsApp, Signal, and it doesn't ring.

@meena Ah. I see the problem. I'm sorry, I don't have any more bright ideas.

@meena Mrs Wife has just shoulder-surfed this thread and complained that her Pixel does the same thing. I'll try to solve it for her over the weekend, and I'll let you know if I have a breakthrough.

@markusl i've already thought about writing a bug report to Samsung.
But if she has the same problem with her Pixel, it means it's a Google bug, and now my hopes are just completely out the window :(

@meena Good news: Mrs Wife was mistaken about the way the volume controls work. I've tried this on her Pixel, running Android 12, and it all works the way she wants (and the way you'd expect).

So go ahead and write your bug report. 🙂

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