A bonus thing about Black Sails is that once you've finished it you'll eventually stumble across footage and quotes from the cast who clearly absolutely adored the show and consider it one of their proudest achievements.

Just look at this photo of two of the actors on set. If not for the costumes you'd think this was two dear friends just hanging out

Self, eye contact 

Two years ago today my ex stayed over for her birthday. I am sad and tired and sad.

Somewhat contrary to expectations, I get to say this to this garbage year

Nice to know that ebay's shitty site still has the same bug that cheated me out of over £100 almost a year ago

I took almost no photos this year and even this was in august :\

You know why most 80s nostalgia shit is so hollow? Because it's not GRUBBY. Everything's too slick and shiny. 80s media was smokey and dusty and crunchy

They have mugs that are just normal mugs except with the word "QUEER" printed on.

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They meet with the client. There is no way this woman is a game developer and not the villain.

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They brought the third main character in (he likes to suspiciously climb buildings for no reason) and they've done a parachute stunt and now this is a heist episode as well. just fuckin everything, throw everything in. Why not

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jeez they really must have put some money into this. Sure it's a bit ropey and cheesy but that's not a small stunt for an original 90s tv series (also, roz's reaction <3)

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