pitching a new autobiographical game show called How Fucked Are You?

the "com" in ".com" stands for "come and kill this banker with us"

think of it like this: would you prefer that the hott person who secretly fancies you starts flirting with you, or does everything they can to hide their interest?

You gotta make your game flirt

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I like mystery, but you've gotta actually show me some mystery, not assume I'll walk blindly around waiting for it to happen

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Me: (walks around huge starting area with no explanation and no obvious points of interest for several minutes)

Dev: "haha, the player will be fascinated by the mystery of-"

Me: (alt+F4)

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If you say your game is like dark souls I'm just gonna assume it's obtuse as shit and wastes a lot of my time for the hell of it tbh

nerds designing fancy bionic arms and shit in their fiction, never stopping for a second to look at them and think "how the fuck are you supposed to keep that clean"

read a "how millennial are you" quiaz that's literally just "how white middle class American are you" and I have never loathed the concept of "generations" more. Corporate fucking bullshit a million people have swalled wholesale.

remember when it was possible for a game to have a secret bit without every single site on the internet instantly ruining it

@dankwraith yeah he suffers particularly from that. People forget that philosophers were mostly writing for other philosophers, and didn't have to account for the consequences of every random bad faith shithead deliberately misreading things.

@dankwraith I honestly think people are unfair on him. He had a lot more goodwill in him than people think. Some shitty, shitty views as well, but a lot of it was coming from a place of frustration with society.

I tried to make an article even more of a disingenuous trap for less sharp people to take a shot at me but I was OVERRULED so now I'm looking for a fight

PC Gamer straight up, literally shilling all the fuck over their site, to the point where they've taken money to change their LOGO to a game advert

We were starting to make progress, for a while. For fuck's sake.

To think I spent my whole life in jobs where I couldn't call things "wanky" without some loser taking offence

"Sin are you going to OMOASG this year?"

"what the hell are you talking about"

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The number of times in the last year I've got emails with subjects like "Don't forget to register for NNA 2020!" and I have no idea what the hell any of them are

Maybe your father's face has the right to be forgotten

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