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every year, americans invent a new combination of random ingredients and agree as a nation to pretend to the world that they all eat it on thanksgiving

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i really hate when i'm trying to watch an adorable animal video and they keep throwing in captions like "who dis hooman". shut your fucking mouth, and let me see what the cat has to say

"Hello. We are about about five dragons, and you are merely spear-chucking barbarians."

"Yes, but have you considered: we are VERY grumpy"

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My barbarians just took down about five dragons by getting really fucking sparked and chucking a shitload of spears. Why would I keep playing after this clear victory

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2020 and our bullshit society is still hung up on "creating jobs" as necessary or even good

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We fucked up by retaining the name "working class". It means that everything focuses on toil as a virtue and necessity, which ultimately only upholds capitalism.

We should have switched it to something like "exploited class" 50 years ago.

Anyway. I've been through worse times. Hopefully I can get that big life changing project in motion at last.

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For a moment there I had more money than I've ever had in my life. But of course landlords are cunts and england's economy is built entirely on catering to them, so

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In a week I should FINALLY be back to where I was nearly two fuckin months ago. God, what an expensive waste of time that was.

I only took the job because it meant blowing up some cappellan police state pricks, but it turned out the most profitable mission I've done yet. 550 grand and I didn't even get shot at

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There's also a quite funny chat at the start of the mission. The goons you're here to babysit talk in all idiot faux military gamer slang ("MOVE OUT! DROP THE TANGO!!" etc) and your navigator goes "Christ. Well, good luck boss"

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Got battletech to stop crashing, under very unsatisfactory conditions. But on the plus side, I have taken on a mission where I have to babysit a team of rookies in crap mechs and one of them has an urbanmech. The first ever shot I've fired in this game with an urbanmech took another mech's leg off in one shot. The best mech.

Last night's NetherRap is showing again on twitch. There were some fantastic acts. E-turn and wheelchair sports camp really caned it

ah actually a new broadcast but the same setlist, so

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Secret design documents from Hideo Kojima's RPG (character classes for women):

* tortured
* raped
* tortured and raped
* has to be naked or she explodes, raped
* tortured and raped into being good at fighting
* protagonist's mum. And tortured. And naked
* Snake with tits. And tortured
* actually 3 people with an additional brain in each tit
* literally a walking vagina called Kitchen
* has to dress like a 16 year old girl or her ovaries upload Death to the internet
* tortured

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