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I got to try the beyond meat today and it was insanely good! 10/10
It was weird to eat something that reaaaly tasted like meat after many years of being vegan, but it was amazing.
Can't wait to eat it again

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Hi I'm new here so here's some things about me.

I think ducks are funny and cute, that's why i chose this name and profile pic (might change later though)

Spanish is my first language but I also speak English and German.

I'm interested in , and tv shows, i love , and , related stuff, and of course any and all

I have many more interests and i#m hoping to find some cool people here, this place looks cool!

Welp its official, Im moving to!

Gonna do the migration today

#Parasitter va avanzando. 癒Ya se pueden ver los canales desde la propia interfaz!

Another great video by TheHatedOne!

Send this video to your family and friends to hopefully convince them to switch to

If your newsroom handles tips from confidential sources, you should take a look at this. The new @SecureDrop Workstation is a huge step forward. This is the kind of tool I wished we had had during the global mass surveillance scandal.

Todays gonna be so hot and Im not looking forward to it

@jonah Hi Jonah, sorry to bother you, I just had a question about the privacytools instance. The rules say please use the English language. Is this absolute? Meaning I cannot reply to someones German toot in German for example or that I cannot toot in my own language (Spanish)?
I know the use English rule makes it easier to moderate but is this absolute or are users still allowed to toot in other languages?
P.s: thank you so much for everything you and the team does!

Im trying to choose between

Does anyone have any experiences with these instances and can share their opinion about them to help me choose?

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Im considering migrating from to another instance. I have like 3 possible candidates and I cant decide :AngeryCat:

man I'm looking at buying my first vehicle soon, and after researching, I found that cars now harvest an enormous amount of data and share it with the manufacturer (and third parties if you don't opt out...). For anyone reading this who doesn't know where to start with making your vehicle private, you can start by researching about EDR (event data recorder AKA black box), OnStar, OBD (on board diagnostics), and GPS trackers (can make vehicle unable to start remotely).

Today we are proud to announce our End-to-end encryption is production ready and more!
End-to-end Encryption in our clients
聞esktop client 3.0 with completely new interface
Android 3.13 with reworked UI

Learn more:

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