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I got to try the beyond meat today and it was insanely good! 10/10
It was weird to eat something that reaaaly tasted like meat after many years of being vegan, but it was amazing.
Can't wait to eat it again

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Hi I'm new here so here's some things about me.

I think ducks are funny and cute, that's why i chose this name and profile pic (might change later though)

Spanish is my first language but I also speak English and German.

I'm interested in , and tv shows, i love , and , related stuff, and of course any and all

I have many more interests and i#m hoping to find some cool people here, this place looks cool!

Its only February but I already have plans for summer vacations.
If I dont have too much university work to do Im gonna buy the ps5 and game like crazy to catch up on all the years I didnt game

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Lost the train connection due to delay and now Im gonna get home even later :)

I really wanted to watch the first episode of the new season of Better Call Saul but now Im not gonna have enough time.

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I know its Monday but can this week be over already?

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Encryption backdoors must never be allowed. To prove that Tutanota is free from any backdoor, the entire client code is published as open source. Let's fight against mass surveillance!

I finally finished the last season of Mr Robot last night and wow, it was amazing.
I'm gonna miss that show so much. Great story, great acting, great cinematography and just an awesome piece of art.

Thank you Sam Esmail.

Goodbye friend.

Cool video from Snazzy Labs showing a couple of things you can do with Homebrew:

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Started using Homebrew (a package manager) yesterday and it's really cool and really powerful!

The journey towards more privacy as someone with little technical knowledge seems never-ending sometimes

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Whatsapp: el fallo grave de seguridad que deja tus fotos y conversaciones al descubierto en los grupos:

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He will never give up the fight, but Julian Assange is a victim of torture. This is confirmed by the UN special rapporteur on torture

We can NEVER allow this to happen to journalists. Join us in the streets all over the world on February 24th

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