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I got to try the beyond meat today and it was insanely good! 10/10
It was weird to eat something that reaaaly tasted like meat after many years of being vegan, but it was amazing.
Can't wait to eat it again

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Hi I'm new here so here's some things about me.

I think ducks are funny and cute, that's why i chose this name and profile pic (might change later though)

Spanish is my first language but I also speak English and German.

I'm interested in , and tv shows, i love , and , related stuff, and of course any and all

I have many more interests and i#m hoping to find some cool people here, this place looks cool!

Got sick after the first week of my internship :AAAAAA:

Cant wait to see what happens at Area 51 tomorrow

@sirduck also fuck Instagram for not having a dark mode option yet

Im seriously so fucking hyped for El Camino. I love breaking bad so much and I trust Vince Gilligan with anything

Im so hyped!

@sirduck ok now theres a guy watching videos without headphones... wtf is wrong with you people!

I cant stand people who come to the library to study and then speak loudly the whole time

I really should get back to using mastodon more

Did you know that 9 out of 10 gamers are gamers?

Im so happy that i see my girlfriend today:blobaww:

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- 癒 Estoy preparada!

- 聶 Para qu矇?

- Para nada.

- ...

I highly recommend all of yall to check out this game. I cant believe its free!

Its just incredibly beautiful, cool, a great adventure and its incredible for a mobile game. I cant stop playing it lol:smug:

Available for both iOS and Android and coming later to console and PC!

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