Now I'm using my own project management system. I can manage my projects, versions, components, resources, issues and work sessions. It's a prototype, though.

Just created an account on twitter to be able to contact a business that does not answer emails. They answered my direct message in twitter and suggested me to send them an email 😂

I will have to start using the "--dry-run" option of more often.

Planning to explore SDL using guile-sdl2, I did this first:

guix pull
guix package -u

The former took about 8 hours to finish.

Then, I did this:

guix package -i guile-sdl2

After two hours of building stuff, the thing fails building nss.

No SDL for me today. I really depend on substitutes.

"What country do you live in?"

I don't live in a country, countries live in the mind.

First steps with . I'm feeling comfortable. Still need to figure out how to display Japanese in the mode line, messages, etc.

Next: Learn how to use slime to see my changes take effect live.

Wondering about the state of -WM.

(ice-9 i18n) had what I needed to get localized string sorting in 👍.

gettext support in doesn't seem to provide the pgettext functionality...

If any of you have used gettext contexts in for solving ambiguities, I'd appreciate a link to your code :)


"Does not require OpenGL. With many people having broken OpenGL setups, requiring OpenGL exclusively will cut into your user base significantly."

This computer has a condition called NVIDIA, and reacts pretty badly to OpenGL-based things (and also to electron-based things).

Oh, crap!

The good thing is I don't use the same password for everything. But I feel uneasy.

Ah! PureOS (a Debian derivative) is now in the list of Free System Distributions.

# guix pull
updated GNU Guix successfully deployed under `/root/.config/guix/latest'

Best pull experience ever :)

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