Marusichさんのおかげで、また日本語入力ができます。 🙂

How do people document code?

I started using block comments in the form #| ... |# to document code in (modules, data types, procedures), because documentation strings are not enough for me.

I wonder if this is a bad practice...

I will have to figure out how to extract those comments later to generate human-readable manuals.

I've been using Mastodon's Web interface more often than my static website tools. That means Mastodon's GUI is easier to use than my own tools to express myself on the Web. I better start fixing that... 👨‍🏭

I uploaded the original images of the little worm to I'll start putting there images of the flora and fauna of this valley because it is hard to find things in the public domain.

I missed Copa América's Japan vs Chile yesterday... Japan lost to Chile 4-0... ヤバイ

I hope they do better in the next games. Qatar, the other guest team, started off on the right foot.

When it got to the tip of the leaf, this tiny hairy worm let itself drop using a sticky thread, just like a spider. I didn't know they could do that.

To all fathers, in this this special day, this baby 👶 is prettier than yours.

What do cat "owners" think about "their" cats using the neighbor garden as a litter box? :blobcat:

Kids raised by androids and smart TVs: "Let's bury the villagers and rob their stuff"

Also today... Was always like this? I don't remember... I would expect to be able to read the last file name in Spanish...

Bah!, using IRIs to share information is still a problem. Somewhere in the translation process the paths break.

I just copy/pasted a URL with an "ñ" in the URL path, sent it by email, and somewhere in the middle the "ñ" was mistranslated to something Web browsers don't convert back to "ñ" 😩

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uses more RAM than IceCat... I wonder why this is. No wonder why it felt so slow in my previous computer.

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"vulkan" is one of the best names in the universe.

on the GNU system leaks memory. You see the ".gnome-ring-rea" process go from ~36 MiB to 1 GiB in a few hours.

Bug report sent to GNU Guix, but I got a "host not reachable" delay again. I get problems like this all the time when I send messages to lists... 😩

Sketch for the final project of the course "How to Code: Simple data". I'm starting "How to Code: Complex data" on Monday.

Public domain 2018 sirgazil. All rights waived.

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