There’re too many beef-not-eating population in Thailand that CoCo Ichi doesn’t even bother to offer Beer Curry soup. Let me tell you that Beef Curry is the best.

My latest yak to shave: trying to get FreeBSD running on Linode.

My complaints for OmniFocus' Apple Watch app includes the fact that it doesn't sync reliably, that it doesn't work standalone, that the UI looks really dated, that its function is really limited (you cannot even edit projects or put due dates on Apple Watch), and on and on.

I love OmniFocus. I have been a happy user for the past 10 years or so. Recently I found myself to be so frustrated at their Apple Watch app that I'm considering switching to other app. I tried looking for @omnigroup's plans for Apple Watch, but there doesn't seem to be any 😧

I have a flight tomorrow morning and I haven’t even started packing.

So to summarize my experiment (with scare quote) with non-AirPods W1 accessories: just get an AirPods.

I've broken so many earsbud in the past few years because I workout with them and they're not sweat resistance so it's ok since I'm abusing it.

But I have never seen anything broken so fast as Powerbeats 3, which lasted 3 weeks. Powerbeats 3 even claims to be sweat resistance so uh I don't know.

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オイゲン猫写真砲(Eugen cat photograph cannon)

🤳 ​🐈
:sabakan:​ ⁉️

I'm genuinely surprised that saying "Siri, play me something" actually play me something I like!

Apparently, Apple Music gets really good at recommending you a song once you've enabled iCloud Music Library.

They've also fixed the bug where it try to match songs purchased from another country's iTunes Store that's not available in current country and cause the matching process to stuck forever.

I guess I'm saying goodbye to Spotify forever now. Hopefully Netflix next, if Apple ever going to do Apple Videos.

My junior high school teacher sent me a birthday card every year (and still do). I love her so much.

Lesson of the day: try the simplest solution first.

"Hmm linker error with memory exhausted. This shouldn't happen. I already gave the VM 2GB of RAM so it should builds."

*Spent the whole day figure out various build flags and ulimit settings*

"Dammit, let me try increasing the VM RAM to 4GB"
*Magically works*

Oh cool I just learned that the only way to deal with Haskell packages without going insane is to switch to NixOS and enable Nix integration in Stack.

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