This should be enough to run 2 instances of Slack

Why use $X to test HTTP when you can use cURL + TCL expect

I'm quite surprised that FreeBSD 12.0-STABLE works on riscv64

One day you woke up and realized everything in life doesn’t really matters.

Reminders app improvements in iOS 13 are great, but turns out OmniFocus suit my workflow better, so now I’m back.

Is “sorry I’m stuck in Upside Down and can’t go to work today and tomorrow” a good excuse for a sick leave? 🤔

Today is miserable enough that I need some benzo

I have been running my KVM host on Alpine Linux with RAM only installation for a few days. The whole non-QEMU processes only use 30MB of RAM and another 150MB for tmpfs root. I can't be any happier.

I quite like the idea of Alpine Linux's running everything from RAM and use LBU to store configuration overlays. I wonder if there's a way to do this with mfsBSD and something similar to LBU but with version control so I have a system that is completely auditable and revertible.

I wish I live in a world where HTML email doesn't exists.

The whole universe believe I don’t have enough work

I thought of switching my personal projects back to Cloudflare a week ago to save bandwidth cost. Then the whole Verizon breaking BGP happened. And then today. Now I kinda glad I didn't do it.

I just realized that OpenBSD and FreeBSD still doesn't supported ppc64le, I guess if I actually get Blackbird I need to go with Alpine instead of BSDs.

Actually maybe I should just get Blackbird POWER9 board which is a lot cheaper than full TALOS II workstation.

I need someone to convince me I need Ryzen Threadripper.

I tried quitting IRC and ended up coming back to it. I can't stand Slack nor Discord nor Telegram.

Living alone is fine and all until you become sick.

I should try using Alpine as KVM host for my workspace. My current remote workspace setup is currently OpenBSD VM running under KVM under Debian on Google Cloud Compute (because they're the only one with Nested Virtualization and I also need to access Linuces for work).

I could try running OpenBSD on Google Cloud Compute with Nested Virtualization support enabled, but I'm not sure if vmm(4) going to work with Google's weird VT-d restriction (VirtualBox doesn't work, for instance)

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