Old man yells at cloud in fantastic four sequel because that is a sorry excuse for galactus dot gif

October 1st, my favorite time of the year:
Time to buy 9 lbs of candy corn.
Time to start my the annual rewatch of Over the Garden Wall.

Who decided to call them “influencers” and not “flauntrepreneurs”?

something something goose something… I guess I have to buy an Xbox One now.

After spending all that time bragging about the camera and video capabilities of iPhone 11, surely Face ID works in landscape now, right?

Apple: Listen, consumer, storage is expensive so we have to charge you an extra $400 for an additional 448GB in your new iPhone.

Also Apple: Listen, consumer, storage is worthless so we cannot pay you more for your 512GB trade-in than for the 64GB model.

Do not try the new Pizza Hut Axe-stuffed crust pizza. Trust me.

Can’t wait until the McRib is back at Popeyes.

100 years ago, before The War On Drugs™️ outlawed them, all snakes were made of CBD.

I put 10 years of TOOL backcatalog plays into a machine learning algorithm and it created a song: (plays “Fear Inoculum”)

“I won, tough. Queue like an animal.” - NIN song in the mall, 1995

IHOP is bumping Sneaker Pimps, Big Audio Dynamite, cool, cool…
and Phil Collins.
Never mind. That degraded quickly.

There are 2 ways to guarantee I won’t listen to your podcast:

Post a link to the Apple podcast app instead of the podcast’s web page.
Call your art “content.”

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