Dear Evan Hansen tonight. Apparently supposed to be great.

Through the darkness of future taps,
a developer longs to see,
then waits up to twenty-four hours,
firebase walk with me.

It’s already 8pm. No wonder I’m so tired.
DST, ugh.

Sleet and/or freezing rain in uptown Charlotte right now. Awesome.

CGI has come so far. They made me believe Nick Fury had 2 eyes.

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Revealed: Facebook enables ads to target users interested in 'vaccine controversies' | Technology | The Guardian

Occasional reminder: Burn Facebook to the ground, arrest key management, give the money back to the people it violated—its users, some more harmed than others.

yelling “ENHANCE” at my blurry-ass digital photos from 1999

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@Cathymarinara Totally, i feel given a few more years ill come up with the succinct answer that exposes the issue.

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