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Something @Mastodon did that I had begun to think was impossible: it got me thinking about open social platforms again.

I'm so burnt out on birdsite and facepage - even though I like many of the people I follow there. Being here and feeling encouraged to re-think some of the patterns that have been ossified on other platforms is so refreshing.

Thank you @Gargron et al.

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i temporarily have a spare $dayjob laptop so I have 5 screens on my desk and it's blowing my 15yo's mind "you have an evil genius lair!"

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For shits and grins we sat down and watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix - the new Christmas cash-in with Kurt Russell.

Dammit, it was cute and funny and did some of the typical Christmas things with a twist, and I'd totally watch it again.

I mean, low standards and all, but yeah, I'd watch it again.

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this is my FIGHT SONG
#mastofrens are RIGHT SONG
my toots are TIGHT SONG, oh

the fediverse is TURNED ON
our threads will BE LONG
part of our FIGHT SONG

and we don't really care if the rest of birbland bleeeeeeeves

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Heading to the polls now. Gonna vote SO HARD.

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[Elementary school hallway]
Me: [chanting] vote, vote-
Other voters: vote, VOTE
Volunteer: [pounding her clipboard] VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

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My ears: "Hey Rachel Platten's Fight Song is very catchy"

My Brain: "You're right, let's listen to it a lot!"

E: "Hey is 20 times enough?"

B: "Fight Song!"

E: "You know, it's been 54 times..."

B: "Fight Sooong!"

E: "look, 87 times is really -"


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Reminded this morning of the time we went to a greenhouse/nursery and were hunting for bushes. We were helped by a friendly gentleman named Roger.

We were literally helped by Roger the Shrubber.

(Even better, he quoted The Holy Grail to us since he and his son had watched recently)

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Ok I decided to rip the bandaid off and make it official: I'm switching instances from .cloud to So I'm here now, and I'd super extra love if you followed me there:

I like posting about tech and Apple stuff that might actually be helpful in your daily life, video games, art, inclusion, and occasionally social issues and bourbon. And my dog.


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This is a reminder that "smart" technologies (the new term for IoT) can usually be interpreted correctly as "trackable RL behavior" technologies. See Nest, whose server data has been requested by warrant 300+ times [1]. Nest does home security cameras with motion detection as well as thermostats.

Because most "smart" devices route all their data via web-based services (for remote monitoring, etc) that data is easily subpoena'd by law enforcement.


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When a republican today says “immigration” they mean “race”. When they say “security” they mean “race”. When they say “health care” they mean “race”


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@gcupc Based on your last two toots, a scene:


Steve Rogers is in Tony Stark's face (again)



only caught the last bits of the event, with the iPad but holy hell this Christmas is going to be insane

still need to read up on new macbook airs, mac mini, etc

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re-configuring $dayjob laptop after re-image. Kinda fun. Kinda not.

thank you #pyenv and #pipenv for making non-root #python possible and fun.

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Wow, Mast is a *good* iOS app for Mastodon. It looks great, has plenty of configurability, and supports all the native features I can think of.


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