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Shane Liesegang

This concludes my religious tooting for the day.

(the "private property" bit there might be questionable, but bishops gonna bishop)

What are your personal strategies for staying engaged with the world without losing yourself to rage and sadness?

I've got a pretty solid prayer/meditation practice, but it's been slipping lately. :(

I like emails because they are slow. It'd be cool if someone invented social media that traveled slower.

I know subtooting the bird site is kinda passe now, but look I was in Mexico for a week and am still readjusting

It's really nice to be on a social media network with a bunch of gamedevs where everyone ISN'T flipping over a silly Atlantic article rehashing and ancient and boring games criticism debate.

USB sounds like a backup in case the USA fails.

So this is a meta-gutspill, an out-loud discernment of where to post. Mastodon, how quickly you seduce. Toot, toot, indeed.

Torn between spilling my guts on the private Twitter account or on here, which is still nichey enough to be effectively private.

Sadly, I probably can't afford to really spill my guts in electronic form anymore. <sigh>

You can tell I have a crapload of writing to finish this morning because I'm tweaking my dotfiles and downloading new GUI toolkits.

🎵 Free speech fundamentalism is naïve and toxic. 🎶

*dances away*

There's just something overwhelmingly pleasant about a social platform that's willing to allow for opinionated curation. Having rules for each instance is great! Being able to block entire instances if you don't like their rules is also great! (Hoping that last bit makes it to the user-level and not just the admin-federation level.)

I wish more services were willing to not bow to the false idol of "neutrality."

[southern belle voice] well boost my toots

Is anybody working on a desktop native Mastodon client?

Is anyone other than me interested in such a thing?

Upside of living with multiple octogenarians: last night I introduced four people to the glories of sriracha on mac’n’cheese.

@Danhon every time I start thinking about the finer points of software ethics I remember that such a huge percentage of engineers still react to us saying Tools Aren't Neutral as if we're talking crazy moon language

and I just deflate, and do something else

it makes me wonder if "understands that Tools Aren't Neutral" is a worthwhile engineering qualification in itself