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Shane Liesegang @sjml

This concludes my religious tooting for the day.

(the "private property" bit there might be questionable, but bishops gonna bishop)

@courtney I'm starting to wonder the extent to which Twitter is simultaneously the problem and the solution.

Without Twitter, I wouldn't have gotten as in to social justice stuff. I wouldn't be as engaged as I am, but also probably wouldn't be as despairing. :-/

What are your personal strategies for staying engaged with the world without losing yourself to rage and sadness?

I've got a pretty solid prayer/meditation practice, but it's been slipping lately. :(

I like emails because they are slow. It'd be cool if someone invented social media that traveled slower.

"This is it."
"This is what?"
"If take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been."
"Come on, Sam."
[Sam takes a step.]
"This is it."
"Sam, stop it."

@aparrish I think most of the reaction against the article was about the prescriptivist tone it takes. I think even the most hardcore narrative fans wouldn't argue that all games *must* contain authored story. At least in my own circles, most folks were just rolling their eyes at the dredging up of an old and uninteresting debate.


I know subtooting the bird site is kinda passe now, but look I was in Mexico for a week and am still readjusting

It's really nice to be on a social media network with a bunch of gamedevs where everyone ISN'T flipping over a silly Atlantic article rehashing and ancient and boring games criticism debate.

USB sounds like a backup in case the USA fails.

So this is a meta-gutspill, an out-loud discernment of where to post. Mastodon, how quickly you seduce. Toot, toot, indeed.

Torn between spilling my guts on the private Twitter account or on here, which is still nichey enough to be effectively private.

Sadly, I probably can't afford to really spill my guts in electronic form anymore. <sigh>

@mogwai_poet "Oh, you want some non-fecal Earl Grey. That's gonna cost ya, Cap'n."

@mogwai_poet They cycle it into the replicator subsystem, thus creating a market for replicated food that *wasn't* made from molecularly reconfigured poop.