Was really lucky to attend this event tonight (kinginstitute.stanford.edu/eve) on the 50th anniversary of King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech. Awesome to hear Jones and Carson talk about the process of bringing the speech together and to life.

A lot of challenging focus on how King changed after this, getting assassinated one year to the day later. He never retreated a step from this.

And the thing I'd never heard: his scheduled sermon for the Sunday after he was killed was entitled "Why America may go to hell." It was typed up in the bulletin and everything.

Compare/contrast with how people flipped after Jeremiah Wright's "God damn America" bit. Don't let anyone Santa Clausify MLK. That year from speech to death was long march to Jerusalem.

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Anyway, if you haven't read "Beyond Vietnam," now is as good a time as any. Maybe the MLK speech with the most current relevance, not nearly as known as "I Have a Dream" and others.

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(Two months on a new social network and already I'm making too-long posts.)

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@sjml this is when you realize we need to resurrect usenet. :)

@jenesuispasgoth I would support that! The original federated public correspondence medium. :)

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