@sjml Sigh, I really need to go back, back it up, and do that. Don't want to lose those memories (where I figured out a lot of stuff in my late teens and early 20s).

@aeazel Same. I migrated to DreamWidth before I shut it down; buys me some time to figure out a longer term solution.

@sjml @aeazel I found an old python script called ljdump, and with a couple patches from the mostly-defunct users' community journal I was able to get it to archive all my entries. But it couldn't fetch comments. Eventually I decided I didn't care that much and deleted it without having a backup of the comments.

@smadin @aeazel HMMM! For me the comments are important enough to want to preserve, but I definitely should have thought to look at some open source solutions. Well, mayhaps I still can.

@sjml @aeazel if the dreamwidth importer preserves comments, then that's good! DW was an open-source fork of the LJ software anyway, right? so it probably has the same API?

@sjml @smadin I feel I did make a backup of it a few years ago. Perhaps I can just find that and will be good to go (if I find it, I'll report back with what tool I used; believe it spit it out in PDF, with all of the comments preserved).

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