Front Page Designer: I want to put user comments prominently on the front page.

Manager: Apart from being a phenomenally bad idea, aren’t you worried it might look like a sub-headline or related story?

FPD: Nah, I got this.

visual pun 

Throwback to the last time I had a remotely good costume...

Pro tabletop gaming tip: in a pinch, a cereal box makes a good DM screen. (Jesuit dice box custom made by Wyrmwood before I entered. 💞)

Was rooting through an old email account and came across this signal diagram I made when I was in charge of our annual showcase in grad school 1.0. So many redundancies! Four computers to run a single experience! I got chills and shudders just seeing this.

This is literally the first section of the first chapter of this intro economics textbook and... I kind of want to problematize the core bedrock assumptions of the entire field?

😑 Marking a library book
😬 In pen
☹️ With a useless note
😧 That just confesses your own limitations

I mean, I don’t love Natural Law either, but there’s no cause for any of this.

I was on Fordham’s campus for an event today and it’s coincidentally move-in day for new undergrads. Smash Mouth’s “All Star” was pumping loudly. It’s been almost 20 years since I moved into college and I’m pretty sure the same song was playing then.

So with my little island generator, I've been thinking of having process videos accompany each output. A little egregious for a microblogging site, but if it was part of a webpage, it's not too bad. The question is, is it even interesting to anyone other than me? (Won't stop me if it's not; this kind of stuff is fun hobby work. But it does impact how much I care about quality.)

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Can I post video? I don't remember. I made a library for offscreen rendering of OpenGL without a graphics card on headless machines. For reasons. It made this.

Hi Mastodon! Hoping to spend more time with y'all since I've been kind of feeling like this guy lately.

One of the kids was excited to tell me "I figured out which character you are from The Office!"

"Oh, yeah? Who?"


...... huh

(My amazement starts at the fact that The Office is a cultural reference for a 16-year old, and does not end there.)


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