@danbruno Thanks! I do *so* much writing for school these days that I'm not sure how often an extra-curricular like this will dribble out...

I started to write this New Year's reflection as a FB post and realized I kind of missed having a blog but also didn't want to bother setting up a whole new thing so I slapped it on Medium. Starts off being about Louis CK but I promise it's not a hot take. medium.com/@sjml/being-done-bb

First post-semester "idea I had but didn't let myself make until I was done" that I execute: a website that randomly plays the Annihilation sound at you. Leave the tab open and terrorize yourself. shaneliesegang.com/annihilate/

@caraellison I don't know if you remember... when I saw you at Jenn's post-GDC gathering and you said you really liked something I had written and that was SO significant to me because of how much of a badass you are and how much I admire your work. You're a hero.

Was sitting in a philosophy class just now, struggling to wrap my mind around various definitions of the First Principle of Practical Reason, and had a sudden moment of intense consolation when I remembered that there is a new episode of The Good Place tonight.

What made you laugh the hardest?

Who took a chance on you?

What piece of art changed the way you saw the world?

Who do you miss the most?

What can you do better than anyone you know?

What do you still have to learn?

Give thanks for all of it.

uspol, election culture 

@darius and then there’s like the next degree of privilege-apathy where people take the performative middle ground of “ill still be your friend no matter who you vote for because that’s being an adult”

My own network still contains a lot of this, which speaks to my lack of curation...

re: uspol 

@jess yeah my first instinct is assuming incompetence but in the year 2018 everyone knows that comment systems are bad and every metric will be gamed so there’s really no excuse.


I'd like the following sticker--

"Voting: necessary but not sufficient."


Front Page Designer: I want to put user comments prominently on the front page.

Manager: Apart from being a phenomenally bad idea, aren’t you worried it might look like a sub-headline or related story?

FPD: Nah, I got this.

visual pun 

Throwback to the last time I had a remotely good costume...

@caraellison I could imagine a useful standard for, at least, the "ethically produced" part. Hard to certify, though.... :-/

@caraellison I can't tell if you are supporting or mocking, but I'll assume support since you don't strike me as the sort who would tag me in just to mock...

Pro tabletop gaming tip: in a pinch, a cereal box makes a good DM screen. (Jesuit dice box custom made by Wyrmwood before I entered. 💞)

@darius (Don't like patronizing Steam or not rewarding devs on principle, but also I am poor.)

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