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I was on Fordham’s campus for an event today and it’s coincidentally move-in day for new undergrads. Smash Mouth’s “All Star” was pumping loudly. It’s been almost 20 years since I moved into college and I’m pretty sure the same song was playing then.

I know linguists knocked on Darmok for being completely unrealistic but when I say "Aaron Burr" on a conference call, everyone knows it means "I have peanut butter in my mouth; gimme a sec."

So with my little island generator, I've been thinking of having process videos accompany each output. A little egregious for a microblogging site, but if it was part of a webpage, it's not too bad. The question is, is it even interesting to anyone other than me? (Won't stop me if it's not; this kind of stuff is fun hobby work. But it does impact how much I care about quality.)

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Would it be poor form to make a video-generating Mastodon bot? I want to be a good citizen re: storage needs/fees.

i love looking at a social media website and not instantly getting upset this is amazing

OK getting my bearings again. Expect roughly the same mix of tech, lefty politics, spirituality, and grad school kvetching as there was on my birdsite account.

Can I post video? I don't remember. I made a library for offscreen rendering of OpenGL without a graphics card on headless machines. For reasons. It made this.

Hi Mastodon! Hoping to spend more time with y'all since I've been kind of feeling like this guy lately.

Hi the birdsite is still a hellscape and I was reminded that this better thing exists. Who is here and doing cool things? I haven't been around in like a year oh lord I am that guy aren't I

(the "private property" bit there might be questionable, but bishops gonna bishop)

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What are your personal strategies for staying engaged with the world without losing yourself to rage and sadness?

I've got a pretty solid prayer/meditation practice, but it's been slipping lately. :(

I like emails because they are slow. It'd be cool if someone invented social media that traveled slower.

I know subtooting the bird site is kinda passe now, but look I was in Mexico for a week and am still readjusting

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