Aiight I failed again just gonna keep doing this until it works

So I dont see the need to bother people on here.

Just, I'll be gone soon, and yeah, if anyone cared that would be why I would stop posting, because I wouldn't be able to lol

Anyway. Nice knowing everyone. I imagine if I keep taking above the LD50 daily, then it should kill me, statistically speaking

Fully blaming it on no available cures for PTSD because the DEA has a stick up its ass.

Goodbye, for real.

Fuck yes I surp asd the Ld5o of this pill conbimsitin

I' gonna go to sleepe and nev de r wake uop

Dear universe

Shut off the lights this time

Thank you in advance, I appreciate ti tf

Pe a's v

Pills pills and more pills

I dont wanna be alone in the darkness.

God suicide forum tips are so annoying

"Dont do itll get better"

O really? When tf does it get better? Been waiting 12 years for it to get better. Stfu

Aiight so I failed but failure is not an option. To have complex PTSD that doesn't go away is too much

So imma try again...and again, until the lights shut out

In being worked like two straight weeks in a row and my mother is being radiated to death from cancer treatment that isnt doing shit

My coworkers are using me

I hate looking for new jobs

I see no other door. Eventually my brain is going to give up against a barrage of downers

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@queenoftheleft @curufuin @EagleEyes
Ok so this is the latest delegate count. Biden has a lead of 70 delegates. Still winnable but Bernie's campaign needs to fill the TV and radio with ads about Biden's record.

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At this point, I welcome the apocalypse. Be it through bioweapon committed on the poor via some careless government or through the climate crisis, the end result is functionally the same.

The Oligarchs realize how unnatural their "power and money" is.

And how outnumbered they truly are.

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@BernieOrVest This is a bad take, buddy. Krystal has been one of our strongest allies, she literally wrote a book on populist politics and she's openly heavily critical of Biden.

When she says Bernie needs to become electable, she literally means Bernie needs to become electable. "Electability" is a stupid nebulous lib ppl criterion but it does exist and she knows we need it.

I do disagree with her on adding Warren as VP though.

This feels amazing

I hope I don't wake up


20mg clonazepam
500mg melatonin
Some loaded dose of DXM

probably will do it (respiratory failure)

Not sure. Gotta look some stuff up

It's been nice knowing y'all but I got fucking demons in my head that are only flushed out with psychedelics. This is why veterans kill themselves.

I'm not a veteran, but add me to the statistics of people who lost their battle with PTSD.

Then fight for their legality so others won't do what I am gonna do.

Peace ✌

Lol. Alright. I am going to induce a coma upon myself with a bunch of pills on my days off hopefully I don't wake up

Psychedelics are a medicine and I cannot get them

So...with my psyche in turmoil I might as well try to end it. Fuck Richard Nixon. Fuck the war on drugs.

I'm out.

I need to learn how to read clocks lol. Thought I was needing to go to work. Nope, I can sleep for another 4 hours

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Hi, get out there and vote your ass off.

That's it, that's the tweet.

I have such a strong desire to vote for "unpledged delegates" for president

Actually, nah, I am voting for Sanders

Ok some of my flows are a little too long haha...I ran out of breath, but that's what happens when you have so many consecutive long bars

I gotta break them a bit, maybe add in some shorter bars that also rhyme and tie it together better

This album is such a long haul.

Next stop--studying piano keys for instrumentals to play around the drum beat and "lift" heartstrings

Reciting my written to get a better idea on how to make these flows

I decided to drive first a little bit after work in a random, aimless manner, for about five minutes.

Nothing prompted me to do this.

I then start to head home

Multi car accident where I would have been if I had just gone straight home.

So I'm gonna just contemplate what the hell happened and how my brain knew that.

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Klobuchar just dropped out of the presidential race, hours after Buttigieg.

But Warren is staying in, because she's helping right-wing neoliberal Democratic Party elites split the "progressive" vote and take delegates away from Bernie.

This is all about stopping Sanders.

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everyone calm the fuck down. we didn't expect this to be easy. bernie sanders vs. joe biden is a fight bernie can and will win. EYES ON THE MOTHERFUCKING PRIZE, FOLKS.

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