"Oh good, you're making tea...because I could use some, with honey and lemon...and bourbon...but without the honey and lemon...and the tea." --Archer

Wow this cold/flu hit me hard and fast....feels like I got beat up and then had sand poured down my throat and force-fed grain alcohol even though I dont drink...

Yay...i feel like absolute crap.

Burning up like burning man

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@Partyofreason welcome to Mastodon! Make sure to join the Bernie group by following @Bernie2020 . To share with the group, just mention @Bernie2020 in your post

Wow so there's no place I can buy computer parts with ?? Wtf...

Yea but you will accept bitcoin but I have like a fraction of a bitcoin.

So dumb...freaking businesses need to get with the times.

season 11 has to be a spinoff of Magnum P.I.

They were building up to it in Season 7

When your GM just disappears with the master key which opens the cash drawers that you gotta count before you leave...

Good times. I am getting paid to do nothing now.

How tf are all these noob teams making it to pro csgo scene??

I play like the actual pros, I do very well and have above 50% win rate on all maps except de_vertigo b/c that map is not for me.

But then I'll hop on or and I'll get matched with assholes that try to tell me how to play "correctly" (their playstyle) on esea, or I'll be thrown in against level 10's on faceit with a garbage team.

Anyone on here play ??

I feel like I should be at the majors. Damn dead computer

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Investing money is very freaking difficult with barely any money

Down with the system! We must build a new one. I wanna see it destroyed.

The Federal Reserve for starters. Nothing "federal" about it....nor is it part of the government. Oh, our government also sucks we need a new one

There clearly has to be some unknown addictive compound in La Croix Pamplemousse. It has no mind-altering effects but damnit I cannot stop drinking these. Like, what?

Ah. Better than when I drank alcohol. No more.

3 million bitcoin are left to be mined

I might try to snag some more scraps to get up to 1.0btc but I think I'll be putting my eggs mostly in from now on. It's got an awesome price rn. But I think it might go lower. Looks bearish. The holding pattern it has been in has attracted selling, so it should go down more, actually.

I am holding off on a trade in it, if you want to buy some keep an eye on it for the next week or so. I expect a failed defense from bulls. Idk why. Gut feeling

I'm gonna get up for five hours and then go back to bed

I *loovee* having a "schedule" that might as well just say "on call" all the time.

So it's not a schedule...

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The corporate media aren't out to get Bernie, they just:

Lied & said he had a stroke

Manipulated video to make him look red

Misleadingly "fact check" him

Attribute his quotes to Warren

Misreport his polling or fundraising #

Leave him out of graphics

Insult his voters

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One of the best moments at the debate was when Bernie called out the cowardice of people saying is unrealistic.

This is the moment falsely attributed to Warren by NBC.

Mainstream media is pure propaganda these days.

We're still gonna win.

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I am worried my vision of the multiverse that I got in the shower is true

Esp taken into account, entropy

Every autumn I always think about entropy. The leaves falling make me ponder it. Like, "what if this one leaf landed in a different spot?"

And if the multiverse is real then in another universe a guy drove his bike at ~28mph into my stopped car and died. In this universe he barely made it...

Pure luck, dude. Maybe he knows about quantum immortality and believes it

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@ninaturner@twitter.com @BernieSanders@twitter.com Bernie should have asked Joe how much money he received from big pharma over his career.
That's a great debate question for all the candidates to answer.

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Got my break over six hours into an eight hour shift dealing with about 120 people and about 100 phone calls.

I want to go home.

Capitalism must be destroyed.

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