Good morning, afternoon, and evening, y'all! It's , which means we've got a Twitter poll for you!

What is your favorite recent non-Star Wars space opera movie?

1. Guardians of the Galaxy
2. Jupiter Ascending
3. The Fifth Element
4. Serenity


@skiffyandfanty As much as it hurts me to forego Serenity, The Fifth Element was the better movie. (But is it space opera? And is it recent? ;))

@skiffyandfanty Happy monday. I'm old, it's cold out and that makes me Mr. CrankyPants. To the matter at hand, my thoughts:

Guardians: Groot and Rocket revive the Hope and Crosby On the Road pics, but in space.

Jupiter Ascending: The film is a mess, but the toilets are very clean.

The Fifth Element: Not exactly recent (Willis still had hair) but has real Opera in it.

Serenity: The gang is back to stick it to Fox. Some serious fun that.

Hard to decide, so my vote is for
Babylon 5.

@skiffyandfanty Well, since Fifth Element is the only one I've seen and I really liked it, got to vote for that.

@skiffyandfanty Ooh, difficult! Serenity because Firefly - but Fifth Element is an awesome slice of French SF, like my favourite bandes-dessinées come to life

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