So I've launched a new podcast, General Intellect Unit, we'll be talking about the intersection of , and , from an unapologetically far-left perspective.

Episode 002 is coming out this week, where we take a look at Peter Frase' book "Four Futures"

Have they left a place for you where you can dream? Interlinked

What Was Liberalism? #1 Ideology & Violence | Philosophy Tube
Excellent short videos about the world's dominant ideology (and its awful child, neoliberalism)

China Invents Rice That Can Grow in Salt Water, Can Feed Over 200 Million People - Scientists in China succeeded in growing the yield of a strain of saltwater-tolerant rice nearly three times their expectation.

I think it's important to note, in this day and age especially, that just because someone says they're feminist, or communist, or anarchist, or good in any way shape or form, doesn't make it true.

Birdsite helped cultivate performative activism and political awareness and that has absolutely merged into Mastodon

What’s with everyone putting non-content-warning stuff in the content-warning field?


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