@jan What are you running your site on? Is it Wordpress?

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@skinofstars Site itself is Laravel. The CMS I use _is_ (headless, but not really) WordPress. (Most “IndieWeb,” i.e., back-end, stuff is still handled by WP plugins.)

@jan Thanks. I'm just planning my own IndieWeb space and trying to figure out how and what to put together. It's a dizzying array of components, eh?

@skinofstars Definitely! I wrote a little something (unfinished and unlisted, still) about their "order of importance," at least from my point of view.
1. Webmention
2. Microformats (for both nicer "webmentions" and Microsub compatibility)
3. IndieAuth (which you'll need for Micropub)
4. Micropub
5. (optional, but cool) Microsub

@skinofstars "Order of importance," not "philosophically" (I'd put "Owning a Domain" way up there, and "IndieAuth"), but as an answer to "Where should I, a somewhat tech-savvy 'end-user,' now start?"

@jan That's really useful. Thanks very much.

As I've already got a Jekyll blog, I've started with the low hanging fruit, IndieAuth and microformats.

I'll see how I get on with next steps, but I can see having to migrate from a static site.

@skinofstars @en runs a static (Hugo) site that's got at least incoming webmentions enabled (there's a few 3rd-party services for it, too). Sending is going to be harder, although I believe there are providers for that, too, which parse your feeds or so and notify linked URLs that support it. is a static site, too, that supports a couple cool things (like Webmention). So it's not entirely impossible.

@skinofstars At one point, though, you might wonder if a "static" site relying on a handful of 3rd-party services is better, and easier to maintain, than a "dynamic" CMS + page caching.

@jan Yeah, I feel like a _can_ do it with a static, it's just whether I _want_ to.

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