Research mate paisa chhut ta nathi ane Saheb be vaccine joiye fatt fatt
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PM reached ahmedabad .. first leg of his search for vaccine .. hope 2021 brings good news on vaccine front

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The best thing I’ve learned this week is that when squirrels fall/jump - they land like superheroes

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India's growth has been declining since 2018 Jan-March. has just pushed it down faster.

Q2 FY21 -7.5%
Q1 FY21 -23.9%
Q4 FY20 3.1%
Q3 FY20 4.1%
Q2 FY20 4.4%
Q1 FY20 5.2%
Q4 FY19 5.7%
Q3 FY19 5.6%
Q2 FY19 6.2%
Q1 FY19 7.1%
Q4 FY18 8.2%

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Replace all cop shows with union grievance investigation procedural

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Interestingly we also found a bull grazing on the top. He looked like he modelled for the Harappan seals 5/n.

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કોરોના કાળમાં માસ્કનો ઉપયોગ ન કરનાર સામે હાઇકોર્ટની સરકારને સલાહ

“માસ્ક ન પહેરે તેવા લોકો પાસેથી દંડની સાથે ઓછામાં ઓછા 8 દિવસ કોવિડ સેન્ટરમાં સર્વિસ કરાવે”

આ અંગે સરકાર વિચારે અને પોતાનો જવાબ રજૂ કરે - HC

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સુરેન્દ્રનગર: ખાનગી વીજ કંપનીનો 'પાવર', ખેડૂતોની સંમતી વગર વાવેતર કરેલા ખેતરોમાં પોલ ઊભા કરી દીધા

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તમારી આસપાસ આત્મઘાતી સુપર સ્પ્રેડર હોઈ શકે છે એટલે મહેરબાની કરીને માસ્ક પહેરો અને સોશિયલ ડિસ્ટન્સિંગનું પાલન કરો.

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The magic of opening data; took less than a week for someone to come up with this.

Looking forward to other applications of this dataset which was so painstakingly collected by government engineers for identifying rural road investments.

The only kinds of trips our boy can make these days so sad
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દેશવાસીઓને સમયસર રસી મળે તે માટે ખુદ પીએમ મોદીએ સંભાળ્યો મોર્ચો

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આંકડાઓને મેનેજ કરવામાં ગતિશીલ સરકાર. આજનું દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર.

Lol. Pehle naak k upar mask chadaao
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Centre says the ongoing COVID-19 wave appears to be harsher than before, SC observes strict measures are needed

Umm we want laws that work for people consistently irrespective of demographic ideological and other relational factors. Not hearts. All this heart business leads to volunteerism, philanthropy, CSR etc.
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This plea doesn't require justice, just requires a heart to grant.

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"If the people who are elected are capable and men of character and integrity, they would be able to make the best even of a defective Constitution. If they are lacking in these, the Constitution cannot help the country."

Rajendra Prasad, 26 Nov 1949.

It is the sub text that is perhaps more worrying
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This is something about which all Indians should feel concerned about. Corruption is rampant in India, especially while dealing with government offices. @LoknitiCSDS @csdsdelhi

voters trying hard in India but parasites still getting hold of things
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Parasite removed from fish

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