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hi~ i'm skolli, & i'm an illustrator/musician/comic artist/writer/jerk-of-all-trades!


🎨 [some NSFW] [NSFW]


skolli#2041 on discord
cupcake [at] skolli [dot] org

all the remorse in the world doesn't make up for the fact i turn so cold at the drop of a hat...i don't ever want to be like that again

i'm the one that couldn't stop self-destructing and i'm the one that distanced myself so extremely and for so long when mere space and time was needed

i can't do anything in moderation

it's over and it's all my fault and i'll never forgive myself

and then i realized i'd been holding out and holding on to hope for nothing

it really is over

i wanted it to be longer, but to be honest, i needed to let go of it. too much clinging to the past involved in its production, and i need to start looking forward for a change~


i shouldn't because i inevitably start drinking too much of it every day & burn out my dopamine production for weeks, but it's COLD outside and i'm SLEEPY!!!

thinkin about this video and how it exists. when u hear a CMI track youre familiar with but without any outboard it does just sound like two amigas really goin at it

it’s only a minute & a half long but it was much more satisfying to make than what i’ve been doing for the past year or so


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