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hi~ i'm skolli, & i'm an illustrator/musician/comic artist/writer/jerk-of-all-trades!


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skolli#2041 on discord
cupcake [at] skolli [dot] org

kind of meta, because i'm also speaking to my past selves, but you know.

i can't be "eve" anymore, just as i can't be any other character. i can only be me, as brightly as possible.

wave goodbye to our past,
step into the future, with care, but boldly nonetheless.

it's okay to admit we weren't right for each other after all.

we had a moment, and the moment was beautiful, but it was the moment.

hoping my meds get here today or i'm gonna have to call the pharmacy and be like ???

i still have a few days of estradiol & like 2 WEEKS of spiro, but the refills should've been here on saturday 🤔

new day, new outlook on myself. amazing(ly terrible) what it took to get here, but i’m not dwelling on it anymore. time to work ✨❤️✨

right NOW i need to sleep, TOMORROW i have things to finish and send out

in a weird limbo of righteously angry but also acutely aware of how much fault is mine BUT ALSO just like. irritated at my heart? with a sprinkling of "i got shit to do, and i've introspected enough by this point to tear a hole in the fabric of space in the middle of my fucking brain"

gosh i hate it when i say inertia when i mean to say momentum :thinkhappy:

working on something super fiddly that i've been putting off because i couldn't bring myself to do it (the inks on a specific part of something, because it's A Bunch Of Space-Filling Circles that i can't just use a circle tool for, because ew why)

weird that lately every time i'm drawing i'd rather be writing and every time i'm writing i'd rather be drawing but i'll just roll with it, the back & forth helps me keep up the momentum i guess

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as an aside: i know i spread myself too thin creatively, it's definitely another source of executive dysfunction with other things & sometimes why art takes so long

but i wouldn't have it any other way. i love being able to do visual art AND write AND be musically proficient in several ways

boredom was my greatest friend in my teen years, it seems, loading me up with skills to sharpen over the next decades

god this album so far

it's giving me the same urge that "the shepherd's dog" gave me the first time i listened to it (on repeat, three times in a row) in early 2010: namely, to make much warmer music with a more stripped-down but careful production

last time, that resulted in this album:

may not result in anything just yet this time because i've got too much on my plate to do anything with music, but soon i hope

all it takes to level me out is an appropriate level of serotonin, dopamine, and estrogen (and as low T as possible)

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