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I love that They Might Be Giants merchandise is also great for broadcasting your gender neutral pronouns

Another color test, this time with something resembling a nearly-dead Crayola marker...hmm! This was pretty quick to do, and looks all kinds of eye-catching. ...and I continue to lick the heart. 👅 💖

Why am I licking a giant heart? Probably because it's made of delicious candy.

Newwww Golden Trick chapter has begun over on Slipshine! Give it a read! @irisjaycomics and I worked our butts off on it.

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Uploaded another piece to the member's only blog today! If you'd like to see what I've been working on recently, I'd recommend signing up. $5 a month! /

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Always stays the same,
nothing ever changes;
English summer rain
seems to last for ages~

In the Final Fantasy games before 7, it wasn't uncommon for the sprites to be done before handing them to the "character designer" to make promotional art for them. The character pixel artist for Final Fantasy 6 was Nomura. Meaning that Setzer in Kingdom Hearts 2 is a Nomura interpretation of a Amano interpretation of a Nomura sprite.

Somehow this is the least confusing aspect of Kingdom Hearts.

$18,233/$20,000 with 552 backers...*vibrates*

*vrooms around in a tiny boat*

Two new original pieces up in the shop! They're leftovers from the BLFC art show, haha.

PREORDER "FTL, Y'ALL" NOW! @skolli and I did a sixteen-page story in this book that's just one of a stunning showcase of beautiful, thought-provoking comics by an all-star creative lineup! This campagin ends in 15 days, so YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.

✨catching fireflies✨

the purpose of computer is to replace every single thing in the world with a tiny computer programmed to imitate the original thing

computer?? well it can do everything, badly