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Eve Morisot @skolli@mastodon.social

[CW: sex (autofellatio)] Who would win: excruciating back pain or One Flexy Boi

A commission I'd been sitting on for way too long and finally cranked out today >:3


Because I'm INCREDIBLY vain and also like hand-lettering fancy shit, I made a new art noveau-ish signature stamp for my art~ mastodon.social/media/lEJcJbGh

Also good, if you can find it

I haven't seen it since grabbing a few bottles at the Kirkland Metro Market a few years ago :x


Guess I'm doing this then~


$150 gets you something like the examples attached below @ 300 DPI (very large), except including color swatches and cel-shading like the (non-refsheet example) third pic attached. (oh and of your own character, obviously)

If you're up for it, DM me your email and we can work it out! PLEASE BOOST <3

[CW: nudity]

mastodon.social/media/9Tq6B17T mastodon.social/media/bPpQphCq mastodon.social/media/U_GnIoAy

This is the extent of my drawing skill while extremely drunk, apparently


Okay I think this coloring technique maaaay just be commission-ready