just a little entanglement-related warmup doodle before i dig in today~ this is how messy this stuff looks before i line it lmao

ash (left), nonbinary squirrel, waitstaff at a local diner; a bit rough & tumble but Gives Plenty Of Fucks about people, rose's best friend, and partner of...

ty (right), cis dude bunny, college sophomore; constantly texting and kind of distracted, has a huge wanderlust & feels constricted by the college town he & ash live in

(nsfw) laaate last night right before i was able to drop off the rent, i was so upset over being too stressed to work on anything important that THIS popped out instead >:\ (at least bills are now taken care of and i feel free to Charge The Hell Ahead on work lmao)

korki's such a curmudgeon and i love him (outside of canon at least, in entanglement he's uh........not good)

one slot open, $150 gets you something like the attached examples ($175 for 2 characters)

you'll get your art no later than march 1st!

examples are mildly NSFW (not particularly sexual, just casually nude) jsyk

tfw you wanna listen to an album but you associate the music too strongly with a person that's not in your life anymore and the wound's still a little raw

jules & rose being extremely cute aaaaaa

just a cooldown piece an--oh my god it's 3:30 AM whoooops oops

i thiiink this commission's done :0 (for @nytemeatz@twitter.com)


pictured: entanglement (more or less)

rose is a very good stress ball.

and eve's not that buff canonically, but...i mean......she could...be..................look, i'm gay,

i saw someone else did This Meme a while ago and it reminded me i wanted to do it too, but animated real quick lmao

you see, my websites, are like ogres and onions, in that, they have, layers,

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