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Human teeth photo (no blood) Show more

Eve's Entanglement looks are intimidating in the best ways

Ahh shit I'm gay

(NSFW for nuuuudity)

Synthi is a very pretty boy 👀

Someone wanted a boostable version of this pic of Rose and I realized I haven't posted it here yet (it's from 2016 and I don't see it in my media here), sooo~

(reposted because FOR SOME REASON it didn't upload the full image before???)

Real talk: I hate that I’m attracted to Josh Homme’s fucking look

I wasn’t TRYING to stand on him, but it was the only way I could get a photo.

*steps out of a time machine from the late 70s* quick, I need to know two things: is ABBA still alive and well and does light-blue in the hankie code still mean oral

Rhymes with “snurry blorn” Show more

Warmup sketch + post-work cooldown finishing (and eventual outfit goals). Trying to keep my color skills from getting rusty while doing all this B/W work for, uh, work, because I’ve got a lot of it coming up soon... (NSFW for shorts that don’t leave much of anything to the imagination)

old selfies/etc Show more

doodled mio jumping over absolutely nothing last night as a cooldown from working for the better part of 13 hours :>

local gay girl ascends to godhood, immediately grows a gay halo (a gaylo)