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Synchro Aurum

graphite-style warmup in procreate :0 -still- trying to shake the dust off this “drawing directly on the screen” thing since I’ve been in SAI+intuos mode for months pffgh


reworking an old sketch a bit 💜

The Grand Experiment is in the oven 🙏

my tits are getting Pretty Hefty for all of slightly over a year on HRT :3c (cw: nudity oops) (also yes i’m aware i’m posting to main)

Huh, I drew on the iPad for a change... it me :3c

(cw: furry pinkbits)

Putting this last message to my patrons here too just in case, figured it’d be a good idea

I guess like, 90% of y'all saw this a mile away anyway buuut...

*takes a few more to be sure* nope, still hot

lmao nevermind I’m hot as fuck

Larger version of my icon~

If you're a full-access patron on my Patreon, you can see the ~rest~ of Synchro :3c