today's a cleaning day, after i finish uploading 2 more tracks to something


sext: you continue practicing proper self-care after returning home

day 2 back at full-strength hrt and my god i need salt

RT Username:admin

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stuffed with sushi!! but also hella moody because i took a full dose of estradiol after half a week with none at all 😬

I was talking to my manager about these families getting scammed. And her response was to laugh and say the homeowner should kick the victims to the street with no remorse

I hate that this is the culture we live in

Could you change that? Prove her wrong?

i seriously prefer manic panic to like, l'oreal stuff even if it doesn't last as long. my scalp's too sensitive for the permanent stuff it seems 😬

got the remaining pillarbox red in my hair, letting it sit after hitting it with some heat >:3

gonna celebrate by throwing some of this leftover pillarbox red manic panic in my hair >:o

every time i check my notifications on web twitter (on a computer), it sends an alphanumeric string appended with a : ## to my phone's notifications and i'm not sure what exactly broke in the latest update

maybe drizzle some dark chocolate syrup over it too, that'd be taaasty

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