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Tumblr tried to sneak in data collection under the radar. After a few taps, you can get a list of who they're sharing data with.

The list takes 19 screenshots to see all the names on my phone.


Human teeth photo (no blood) Show more

@jk finally, a Computer made for ME

@Eisbar you aren’t that teenager on yerf anymore but that should be freeing, no “I used to be somebody,” Mx. Reznor

@Eisbar I don’t know hooow

I’ve tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas

I know too many cute people oh no

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I'm homeless now, financial need, ongoing Show more

@irisjaycomics @itsnero ahhh my favorite type of relationship structure: pielyamory


@irisjaycomics real talk if you and Nero design a much less ugly polyam pride flag I’ll love you both forever

Food Show more

Poodling (v): the act of filling your aunt’s flat with hundreds of poodles of varying sizes; not to be confused with: poodling (n); the puff of foam that forms directly around a stream of water going into a container with soap in it

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If you wanna commission me for art, hit me up, email me at

I also have or

My Patreon is

I hate asking for help but I just need a bit more push until I can finally get even a retail position that will hire my sorry trans ass.

Eve's Entanglement looks are intimidating in the best ways

Ahh shit I'm gay

(NSFW for nuuuudity)

Power: still out. Temperature: uncomfortably warm but mostly from humidity

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every now and then i see someone say "begin superthought" and im like what the fuck i invented superthought and i havent even had a single superthought for months