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i used to hate being 5'6" & naturally predisposed to curviness and now i'm just like. Yes Please, Give Me Even More Hips And Ass

(they're gonna feel even heavier when they're DDs though aughf)

think the progesterone+estradiol combo is already having an effect cuz these fuckers feel h e a v y

brain: almost there
body: about to be fed with rice & veggies
titties: h u r t

work music today seems to be pigface's "gub" and i may put on front line assembly's "caustic grip" too because i guess it's just one of those days

staying up too late because you’re still digesting a huge meal and also because your tits hurt is lesbian culture

nighttime and i'm finding myself wishing against the plain facts again

i wonder how much more i'd get done if i stopped indulging in being sad and pitying myself 95% of every day :thaenkin:

i have a bad case of "want to die", what cures this (i have $5)

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